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To-Do List Tips

Why does it seem that to-do lists never end? Want to know what I just saw on mine? BLOG POST due tomorrow! Shoot! Did I do it again? I waited until the day before it was due? Really? Well...

Treasures from the Dump

Now, the dump is not only a place to find piles of pallets and boards. You're probably reading this and thinking, what in the world am I going to do with a pile of scrap wood? Well, let me tell you. The DUMP has so much more to offer. It's one of my favorite places to shop in town.
Finding quick, healthy lunch options isn't always easy. Tonight we will be making Mason Jar Salads which can be prepped ahead of time and you can grab and go for healthy lunches during the busy week.

Cleaning Amid Chaos

Clutter is chaotic for me.  I seriously can not function when my home is in disarray.  The status of cleanliness within the walls of my house is a direct indication of how I feel inside.  Best bet, if the...
Let's face it, once we move past mourning of the summer season we all get a giddy excitement in the pit of our stomachs. We get to once again send our little one's off on their grand academic adventures....
Is it just me or do the weeks go so much smoother when the weekly meals have been planned out and the groceries have been purchased? There is nothing worse than realizing it's 5pm and you have no idea what to make for dinner.
Today was messy. It was another day that started like the rest that I am always thankful for. Our family of four was up before the sun rose. My son may or may not have been up and fussing a...
Who would have thought selling a home would be so emotional? Well, I'm here to tell you my story and why I cried my eyes out when we left our first home together. In May of 2011 we moved in...

A Succulent Infatuation

My succulent infatuation is strong. Last summer, most of my hanging baskets and deck plants contained succulents in some way, shape or form. My friends made fun of me but there is just something about tiny plants that are...
On a warm, sunny, perfect-as-only-Duluth-can-be day about three years back, my husband, my young daughter, and I moved into our first home. Since then, we’ve added another babe to the family, and all of our stuff--perfectly packed and organized...

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