Forever Remembered Wall


Loss of a pregnancy or infant is sadly a part of many of our motherhood stories. Our Forever Remembered Wall is dedicated to babies we have lost who have made a mark in our lives and hearts.

Honoring these little lives, however brief, is important and healing. The mourning never fully disappears, but coping with it improves over time.

A heart-breaking 25% of pregnancies do not reach full term. When we lose our babies, even if it is marked on a calendar, it can often feel like you’re the only one remembering.

We would be honored to remember your loss with you visually by adding them to our Forever Remembered Wall, even if they are not named. Your baby’s name, due date or loss date will stay on our site indefinitely.

You are strong, you are brave and you are not alone ❤️️


Ray Gregory Labat  {9/1/10-1/11/11}

Jersey Gen Graves {01/10/2018}

Baby Roman {January 2020}

Evelyn Ann Dotson {January 17th 2023}


Flynn 2-24-17

Baby Roman {Feb 2019}

Michael James Youso born {1/25/2016 lost 2/8/2016 born at 23 weeks}


Baby Alajoki {3/2019}

Baby Levine {March 31, 2023}

Baby Eustice {3/15/2023}

Honeybee {March 2020}


Baby E. {4-8-18}

Angel Baby Jang {2020}

Hanson {4/5/2021}

Nicodemus Barsness {04/29/2022}


Baby Bartlett {May 10, 2022}


Angel Baby Jang {2019}

Catherine Mary {6/8/20}


Baby Becker {July 29, 2022}

Hanson {7/14/2021}

Baby Bright {due 3/6/2022 lost 7/2021}


Baby P {due 04/14/2022, lost 08/2021}


Baby H {9/5/18}

Baby Ellison {9/10/18}

Baby Roman {2018, 2019}

Baby Alajoki {9/2019}

Marla Rose Erickson {9/9/2023}

Schroeder {September 2015}


Baby W {10/10/19}

Shadow {10-22-18}

Baby M {Due 10/24/16}

Baby G {10-25-19}


Hanson {11/2/2021}

Juniper {due June 2021, lost November 2020}


Myah {12-21-10}

Hanson {12/9/2021}

Date Unknown

Baby Emerson

Blake Sebastian Silgjord

Neveah Grace Silgjord

Hanson {5 embryos that never had a chance}

Support Resources

Perinatal Loss Grief Support Group at St. Luke’s

Light After Loss MN

Duluth Perinatal


  • Duluth Mom loves to send a note of rememberance and encouragement each October during Pregnancy and Infant Loss Month