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Kristina has called Duluth home for twelve years, but she is a small town girl at heart from a little town in northern Minnesota called Buyck. She has a passion for baking, family, friends & the outdoors. She currently owns and operate a small business called Sugar On Top Sweet Shop. She's married to her college sweetheart and together they have two beautiful children. Visit her at https://www.instagram.com/sugarontopsweetshop

5 Simple Hacks for Running Errands Like a Pro

Please tell me I’m not the only one who sometimes finds herself standing in the middle of a store aisle staring at everything and wondering what the hell it is that I thought I...

Why You Should Decorate for Christmas Early and Leave It Up Later

Do you remember how exciting the holidays were as a child? I have amazing Christmas memories and, as an adult now, I realize it's because my parents wanted to make it a magical season...

It Takes a Village: Leaning On Your Mom Friends

It takes a village. I remember hearing this phrase a lot. The other day it hit me that my experience was the perfect example of this saying.  Just last week I met a friend at...

A New School Year, A New Normal

It's back to school time, but for us, it’s the first time going to school. The night before my big boy took off to his first day was harder on me than it was on...

How I Survived Living with My In-Laws

Yup, you read that right. We moved in with my in-laws while our new home was being built last summer. We moved in the whole fam at the end of April and moved out...

Lift Each Other Up

Being a parent is hard. It’s important to realize we all have our own struggles. Some bigger than others and some we would never dare to tell anyone. Perhaps they don’t feel important enough...

This Too Shall Pass: The Seasons of Family

Time: we can never reverse it. We will never slow it down. We will never get it back. We can only learn to embrace it. Some days I find myself wishing I could go back...

Generations of Parenting

The other day I had an awakening. Some of the things we do as parents have a direct correlation to the way we were parented ourselves. That could mean something different for every one...

Mom Guilt

Why on earth do we put so much pressure on ourselves as moms? We have a constant inner battle with ourselves to do better or be better. Being a mom comes with enough challenges...
My 2018 Mom Resolutions | Duluth Moms Blog

My 2018 Mom Resolutions

It’s that time again! This year I’m committing to making five small changes instead of one resolution. The more I think about resolutions the more I realize that it’s the little things that matter most....