Sarah Pohl

Meet Sarah Anne; She is an endorphin chasing adventurer. Believer in the power of positivity. Raised down South, but she grew wise up North. Happily married to a beautiful soul. Currently on a mission to do adventures vs. collecting things. You will catch her and the family (yes,even the toddler!) strapped to a snowboard on Spirit Mountain. She's convinced sunshine, a good cup of coffee and exercise can cure anything. If obtained unlimited expendable cash, she would use it for traveling and wandering through thrift stores. You will most often find her exploring places around this beautiful city with her two littles, Ara (2) and Orion (5 months) in tow. Passionate hairstylist turned stay at home mom for the present. You will mostly find her family outdoors no matter what season it is, chasing both sunrises in their backyard and sunsets throughout the city. You can catch almost all of their adventures through her Instagram.
mom and daughter dancing in kitchen

5 Life Changing {Affordable} Kitchen Gadgets for the Back-to-School Mama

Let's face it, once we move past mourning of the summer season we all get a giddy excitement in the pit of our stomachs. We get to once again send our little ones off...
The "Date Your Spouse" Challenge

The Date Your Spouse Challenge

It’s no secret that, as the journey through the years of dating, marriage, trying to start a family, and juggling the day-to-day tasks with said family continues, many parents forget how they started their...

Five Rules for Ultimately Surviving Parenthood

When I became a mom I read endless amounts of articles on conquering labor and birth, what organic foods I should make and feed to my baby, and how to “say no” by really...
"Minnesota Nice" and other lies i tell my children

“Minnesota Nice” and Other Lies My Children Are Told

"Minnesota Nice" First of all, do not let me mislead you into a blur of anger after reading the title of this page. I love Minnesota. I love our perfectly temped summers and the hope...
2018 Guide to Local Sales Consultants | Duluth Moms Blog

A Mom’s Guide to Local Consultant Run Businesses

We can relate to the hard working moms trying to do it all; We work hard while supporting our families and raising our children while some of us are growing businesses from our homes. We...
Dear Fourth Trimester Mama I Duluth Moms Blog

Dear Fourth Trimester Mama

Dear Fourth Trimester Mama, I see you. You are overcome by so much joy, yet so much grief. You delicately wear a new set of bags under your eyes. You own a more natural look....
The Week My Toddler Dressed Me | Duluth Moms Blog

The Week My Toddler Dressed Me

Drab, dated, expired... just  few thoughts that go through my mind every morning I pick my outfit out for the day. Usually there's a distraction or two of juggling making breakfast and changing diapers....

A Guide to Preschools In Duluth and Surrounding Area

It's that time of year where your Facebook feed was recently covered in adorable pictures of toddlers in their first day of school outfits heading off to new and refreshing adventures. At first, your...

Treasuring Your Chest: 8 Ways to Locally Support Breast Cancer Research

Racing for the Cure I'll never forget my first "Race for The Cure" I ever participated in... My aunt lived in Peoria, IL and once a year my mom would pack the car up to...

12 Steps To Recovery: Other Moms Who Are Not Superheroes, Or Sidekicks

Sometimes it's okay to admit we can't be it all. I can't do everything and do everything supermom does. I can't even do what her sidekick does. It takes courage to admit when we fall. Sometimes I crash too. It's okay to "couch parent" after the rough nights, and have the extra latte to get you through the day.