Which of these situations describe you in your season of motherhood right now?

  1. You want to have mom friends and you would just love to get out of the house – except you have a standing afternoon daily commitment – it’s called naptime.
  2. Your brain and body hit a wall in the middle of the afternoon each day. You can’t take a nap because you have school pick-up soon and you reallllly need to get some idea of what you are feeding your family tonight.
  3. You have been staring at that pile of laundry on the chair in the corner but you just can’t get yourself to put it away – it feels IMPOSSIBLE.
  4. You have been putting off making important doctors appointments for either yourself or your kids (we know who it is in this situation) Part of the reason why you have been putting it off is because you are newer to town and haven’t taken the time to research who you want to establish care with.


Did any of these situations resonate with you? Are you looking for community and accountability to get those annoying household chores and “family admin” tasks done? Want to feel accomplished and celebrated during your week?


If your answer is “YES!”, then you need to join The 2 o’clock Mom Social & Co-working Hour! We meet online every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm CST and virtually work together and socialize for one hour! Schedule those dentist appointments, fold the loads of laundry, prep supper, paint your nails and put on a facial mask. Whatever you have been putting off, we will be here to make sure you get it done, and we will celebrate with you!

If you are curious, take advantage of our first-week free offer! Click on the link below and we will send you the Zoom link.

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You're Invited! Come co-work and socialize with us!

This virtual community is tailored to meet the unique needs of busy moms who:

  • juggle multiple responsibilities
  • are seeking accountability
  • are needing support
  • desire a sense of community and friendship
  • are wanting to succeed both at home and in their personal pursuits


When you join in you can…

  • socialize with other moms without all the awkward small talk
  • share progress – toot your horn and be celebrated in return
  • receive encouragement from other moms facing similar challenges
  • join a community that fosters productivity and well-being, but leaves the extra hustle and guilt out

Know for sure this is something you need in your life? Join today – we have monthly and annual membership options. Just click the link below!

Still unsure or have questions? Take a look at the FAQ’s listed below, and click the link to try out the membership for one week totally Free – Zero commitment or risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to live in Duluth to attend?

No! All moms are welcome to become a member. This is the joy of virtual work.

Who hosts the sessions?

Andrea Jang, the owner of Duluth Mom and THE 2 o’clock mom herself will lead the co-working sessions each week.  You can learn more about Andrea here.

Do I need to have a business or be employed outside of the home to join?

No! Every mom has SOMETHING that needs to be done, that is easier to get done with peer accountability. Whether it is folding a few loads of laundry, getting in a quick workout, answering a few emails or simply brushing your teeth!

Do I need to have a computer or will a phone work?

You can log in from any device – a phone is great!

Do I need to have my camera on during the hour?

Nope! The hope is that as a member you would build connections and relationships with other moms, and video helps with that, but it is not required.

Is there a minimum number of months required to join?

No! With the monthly membership you can cancel at any time – no hard feelings!

*The annual membership option is non-refundable

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