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Virtual Body Doubling Co-working session for Moms!

Looking for accountability to get those annoying household chores and “family admin” tasks done? Want to feel accomplished and celebrated during your week?

The practice of body doubling is one that is commonly used in the ADHD and neurodivergent world – but we know that the concept works for moms, too! This membership community is tailored to meet the unique needs of busy moms who juggle multiple responsibilities and desire a sense of community.

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This exclusive membership is for moms who are…

  • seeking accountability
  • needing support
  • desire a sense of community
  • wanting to succeed both at home and in their personal pursuits


Members can…

  • set goals
  • share progress
  • receive encouragement from other moms facing similar challenges
  • join a community that fosters productivity and well-being, but leaves the extra hustle out


We meet online every Tuesday afternoon at 2pm CST and virtually work together for one hour! Schedule those dentist appointments, fold the loads of laundry, prep supper, paint your nails and put on a facial mask. Whatever you have been putting off, we will be here to make sure you get it done, and we will celebrate with you!

What is body doubling?

Body doubling is basically just completing a task in the presence of another person. It is a practice used to create accountability to help accomplish boring, annoying and unrewarding chores and tasks in life.

Who hosts the sessions?

Andrea Jang, the owner of Duluth Mom and THE 2 o’clock mom herself will lead the co-working sessions each week.  You can learn more about Andrea here.

Do I need to live in Duluth to attend?

No! All moms are welcome to become a member. This is the joy of virtual work.

Do I need to have a business or be employed outside of the home to join?

No! Every mom has SOMETHING that needs to be done, that is easier to get done with peer accountability. Whether it is folding a few loads of laundry, getting in a quick workout, answering a few emails or simply brushing your teeth!

Is there a minimum number of months required to join?

No! You can cancel at any time – no hard feelings!