New Year’s Resolutions for Moms


It’s that time again! This year I’m committing to making five small changes instead of one resolution. The more I think about resolutions the more I realize that it’s the little things that matter most. If I can make small changes day by day, the payoff will be bigger in the end! The happier I am, the better mom I will be. This year I’m going to try to work on myself a little bit so I can show up better for my kiddos and my husband.

Here’s a quick look at what my main goals for the new year will be:

{1} Yell Less

My 2018 Mom Resolutions | Duluth Moms Blog

I always joke that I yell because I care, but sometimes it just gets to be too much. Too much for me, and my voice box, and too much for everyone else. Not only is it exhausting, but it’s not effective if I yell all the time. Don’t get me wrong there are times I just want to scream, but I would like to reel myself in a bit before overreacting. What can I say, I’m kind of a yeller when I get angry. This is at the top of my list because believe it or not I don’t exactly enjoy it.

{2} More Me Time

My 2018 Mom Resolutions | Duluth Moms Blog
It’s important to take the time to be yourself and do something that energizes you. Batteries need to be recharged. For me that would be taking a hot bath, enjoying a glass of wine, or catching up on a Netflix series. Also, I love me some solo shopping trips! I have been neglecting myself lately to take care of everyone else and I think it’s finally time I step back and start planning a few things just for me instead! I’m really hoping I can stick to this one…

{3} Plan More!

My 2018 Mom Resolutions | Duluth Moms Blog
I already consider myself a planner, but I want to redefine this skill for myself. Every Sunday is my day to plan the following week; groceries, meals, business needs, family schedule, etc. I want to get more precise with each day and set daily goals and a larger goal for each week. That way even if I don’t check everything off my list daily, at least I can remind myself of the bigger picture. I know myself and I feel much more in control when I have a solid plan to follow each week. Something that often throws me for a loop is meal planning so I will definitely be focusing more on that portion.

{4} More Family Days

Schedule family days/activities so we can have more quality time together. This could be as simple as a popcorn and movie night at home, or an adventure outside the house such as sea glass hunting, dinner and game night, or getting to stay at a hotel! It’s important to me that I create lasting memories for my children and I feel that my oldest is getting to the age where he is going to start remembering things a lot more. I also want to make sure my husband and I are not getting too consumed by work instead of spending time together as a family.

{5} Live in the Moment

I want to focus on remembering the important things in my life. I want to have tons of fun memories surrounding me in the years to come. I don’t want moments to pass me by because I was consumed with work, cleaning, TV shows, etc. When the kids are decorating cookies and they want to use half the bottle of sprinkles on them, I’m going to let them and I’m going to laugh with them. I’m going to be present when we go places instead of being preoccupied with my phone, I’m going to live in each moment as they happen instead of watching them pass. It’s all about your mindset and this goal is about paying attention and taking a timeout when needed. I am by no means perfect at this one and that’s why it’s on my list. I want to become more present. I want to remember these days and I want to create lasting memories for myself and my kids. I will be committing to a no cell phone/TV/computer time each evening and focusing on my family at that time! Hopefully, they are not all ignoring me on their devices! PS I’m going to try to get my hubby to tag along on this one!

Keep your resolutions light and attainable and break them down so they are easier to crush! Be mindful of your needs as a mom and maybe be a bit more selfish this year so you can show up better for your family.