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Alyssa Holmstrom

Creative, always pondering and thinking, Alyssa Holmstrom loves the beautiful landscape Duluth has to offer. Reading a book, walking her beloved dog, cooking, or spending time with her strong and loving husband of six years, Todd are favorite pastimes of Alyssa's. Alyssa loves spending time with her friends. Her friends are so very important: making them laugh and drinking lots of coffee are her favorite ways to unwind! They are a true gift and bring much joy to her life! Walking together through infertility and adoption, they are enjoying their 2.5 year old toddler, and expecting another child early 2019.

It’s C-Section Awareness Month!

Motherhood cannot be defined by only a few words. It is a tender, emotional journey of the heart. If you have had traveled any road toward motherhood: adoption, c-sections, vaginal births, foster care... miscarriages,...

The Second Baby: Items I Love

A second child can mean the influx of more stuff. In the age of minimalism and decluttering, it can seem counter productive to have a list of things to add to your home, but...

Planners, Powersheets and Productivity

When motherhood happened for me, I quit my teaching job to be a SAHM. It was a hard decision, which was ultimately made for me due to medical situations. (That's another story.) But, within...

I Am a Strong Mom

I was killing time on Instagram the other day... er, hiding from the laundry would probably be more accurate, when I found a post that made me stop and read the whole thing.   It was...

Pregnancy After Infertility

What?! Incredulous. Shocked. Unable to process the world around me. No swirling thoughts however, as I wasn't having any. I had convinced myself over and over that every gut reaction I was having was false. Not...

Slow Sundays: The Joy of Quiet Days

Slow Sundays. We just had one this last weekend, after a busy Saturday, and it was glorious. We did get out of the house for a few things, but when we were home, we...
A guide to Homeschooling in the Northland | Duluth Moms Blog

A Guide to Homeschooling in the Northland

Homeschooling is a subject that has TONS of misconceptions and opinions. Sometimes, its a best fit for your family, just like choosing public, private, or charter school

Your Guide to Fun on the Fourth of July

  Are you still undecided about how and where you'll spend the Fourth of July? We've rounded up several area events to help you plan your Independence Day. Take the kiddos to a parade or...

How to Move to Minnesota

Minnesota is pretty great. Sure, sure we get a bad reputation because of the harsh winters, and it's mostly truth. The polar bears we ride into work every day are tough to park, but...

Infertility 101: Hyperprolactinemia

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week. My purpose is to share with you my corner of the vast world of infertility. I feel it's important to share because silence is so often isolating.  My...