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Alyssa Holmstrom

Creative, always pondering and thinking, Alyssa Holmstrom loves the beautiful landscape Duluth has to offer. Reading a book, walking her beloved dog, cooking, or spending time with her strong and loving husband of six years, Todd are favorite pastimes of Alyssa's. Alyssa loves spending time with her friends. Her friends are so very important: making them laugh and drinking lots of coffee are her favorite ways to unwind! They are a true gift and bring much joy to her life! Walking together through infertility and adoption, they are enjoying their 2.5 year old toddler, and expecting another child early 2019.
National Night Out: Meet your Neighbors + Find Community | Duluth Moms Blog

National Night Out: Meet your Neighbors + Find Community

There are few better ways to spend a summer night in Duluth;  Hot dogs, watermelon, kids playing in the yards, and fun conversations.

10 Things About the Mayo Hospital

Duluth is fortunate to have some great great great medical care! We love our local doctors and support staff. But we have someone who has doctors also at Mayo Hospital in Rochester. We are...
Pass the Popcorn | A Duluth Summer Movie Guide

Pass the Popcorn: A Duluth Summer Movie Guide

  Summers in the Northland are a glorious thing.  You can spend all day playing in under the warmth of the sun beside (or in!) our big, beautiful lake. But when the moon rises and your littles...

My First Real Mother’s Day

Mother's Day has been a day of reflection. Last year I hid.  Didn't go to church, hung out with my husband and dog.  I couldn't do it.  This year is different.  I am able to go...

{Sponsored Post} FIT4MOM Classes: A Foolproof Way to Make Friends and Keep Fit

  I am the quintessential bandwagon slacker when it comes to working out. I join in on something, enjoy it for a while, and then fizzle out. It happens to the best of us, but it's...

Loving On Your Teacher All Year Long

As a teacher, gifts of appreciation are not necessary. However, they do make the warm fuzzies show up! Doing an act of kindness out of obligation isn't really kindness, but when I want to do...

Moving Forward from a Bad Year

It's dark out. The glow of the laptop is the only light shining. My husband and dog are somehow tandem snoring. Somewhere I am sure there is a study about that being "a thing."...

Letter to a Friend

Dear Momma Friend, I see you.  I see you when you compare yourself to others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the others.  My heart hurts when you beat yourself up that your play date's house...

Kids eat free guide + Kid friendly restaurants

Did you run out of meal ideas? In a time crunch? Need someone else to do the dishes? Here are Duluth's Reader Response to where you and your kids can get great meals free...

Thanksgiving Traditions: Dealing with Big Changes

I am definitely one of those adults who feels Thanksgiving is great.  Great because of the lack of commercial gift-giving and the hustle and bustle. Don't get me wrong. I love Christmas too.  But...