I Am a Strong Mom


I was killing time on Instagram the other day… er, hiding from the laundry would probably be more accurate, when I found a post that made me stop and read the whole thing.  

It was a mom account, and she is raising triplets, which is amazing. In her post she write several statements about how she is a good mom. It was right there in black and white: true qualities that showed how she was a successful parent. And the thing was, she wasn’t bragging. She was encouraging moms to see the good things they do all day long. I found it beautiful.

We live in a time when social media can break us down in an instant with judgements or curated posts that make us feel less than worthy. But this particular post of mine needs YOUR help to do the opposite. At the end, if you make it that far, will you leave a Facebook comment about just ONE thing that makes you a strong mom? Just one. Not too tricky! Today, let’s commit to building ourselves up.  

I Am A Strong Mom | Duluth Moms Blog

I am a Strong Mom because… 

  • I am able to keep up on my daughter’s medical appointments and treatments.
  • I am confident in what my child’s specific needs are.
  • I can swiftly ignore the house when my child asks me to play or read with her.
  • I am able to stand up for my child when people don’t understand choices we make.
  • I am willing to put my marriage first, so that my child has the best supportive family possible.
  • I can say no.
  • I can say yes.

These are just a few examples of the things that make me a strong mom. There are no excuses or explanations. There are plenty of ways in which I fail (my daughter is learning how to use “I’m sorry” correctly because I model it for her when I need to apologize for my own actions.) It’s so easy to think that other moms have a perfect life based on their social media posts, but it’s always good to remember that they are just snapshots of perfection surrounded by human messes. There is nothing wrong with showing a great picture or caption, but sometime the ones that we all appreciate best are the ones that admit to a burned dinner or lost patience over the volume of the television.

So again, help me out. I would love to read all of the reasons why you are a strong mom. You know yourself best, and I want you to feel encouraged by your own self. Don’t forget your own strength, especially when times are the worst. You can handle it, I know it.


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