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Chelsey Slack

Chelsey is a mom of two and lives in the Duluth area with her husband of over a dozen years. She’s a freelance writer, and passionately works in mental health and content strategy for Teladoc Health. You can find her writing about her experience placing her first born for adoption, mental health and wellness, and her experience raising a spirited, wild-hearted daughter. She’s been called resilient, steady and brave.

Follow the Rainbow: Finding My Way Through a Career Change

Last September while driving around town I saw a double rainbow twice in the same day. I posted the images I snapped on my iPhone onto Instagram and asked the question to my followers...

Oh, The Weather Out There is Frightful

On these cold weather days it is easy for me to question why I live here in Duluth, Minnesota. I’m sure there are others out there who are doing the same thing on the...

Bring on the Magic of Christmas: Visiting the Glensheen Mansion

The feeling of Christmas and the holiday season is most definitely present at our house this year. Since Clara is now five years old, there are questions flying at me almost every day about...

Our Annual Trip to the Duluth Winter Village

“It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…” I thought upon entering the Winter Village at the Glensheen Mansion this past Saturday. The earthy aroma of evergreens. The hum of cheery holiday shoppers carrying...

FORO: Fear of Retail Outlets

It’s early Saturday morning. For some reason I can’t sleep past 5am. I have "monkey brain" as a friend calls it. Round and round my mind replays my life’s latest worries and fears. So...

The Privilege of Parenting (And Other Life Responsibilities)

This week while driving my four-year-old home from preschool we start to talk about TV and why it’s not always healthy for our brains. She asked very pointedly, “Why isn’t it good for me...

An Open Letter to My Birth Daughter: An Adoption Story

If only... what if... Everyone has a story that often comes with regrets. But in this story there is no regret, only courage and love. This is the story of how and why I...

Choosing Joy: A Dog, A Stick, and Disco Therapy

As the fall season approaches I am cherishing these warm and sunny 60-degree mornings here in Duluth. As I write this, I’m lucky enough to have the day off work and be alone for...

Through Life’s Ups and Downs: Exactly Where I Need to Be

As I write this, this morning over a group text my aunt said, “What a profound blessing to be exactly where you need to be.”   In context, she was talking about my sister-in-law; she is...

The Best Version of Myself: Feeling Like a Disney Princess for the Day

As I write this, it’s a Monday. For me, Mondays are often both hard and dull. Getting back into the work week is challenging and my four-year-old daughter always battles me on going to...