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Chelsey Slack

Chelsey is a mom of two and lives in the Duluth area with her husband of over a dozen years. She’s a freelance writer, and passionately works in mental health and content strategy for Teladoc Health. You can find her writing about her experience placing her first born for adoption, mental health and wellness, and her experience raising a spirited, wild-hearted daughter. She’s been called resilient, steady and brave.
daughter graduates high school duluth

Looking to the Future: My Birth Daughter is Graduating High School

My birth daughter graduates from high school in a week or so. The irony is that my second daughter is graduating from Kindergarten. It is a bittersweet time—knowing this much time (18 years) has...
open adoption duluth

The Adoption Story Continues: A Reuniting of Birth-Daughter and Mother

Why can’t I see my sister? When can I see my sister next? Why doesn’t my sister live near us? These are just a taste of the questions my 6-year-old has been asking lately...

It’s Time for a Dose of Self-Compassion

The other day when putting away yet another load of laundry—I spotted a gallon-size plastic bag full of old pictures. I pulled this bag out of my husband’s messy sock drawer and set it...

Embracing Gratitude Amidst Uncertainty

As I write this, I’ve just returned from a quick rendezvous to our favorite local park, Jay Cooke State Park. There is nothing quite like squeezing in some last minute hiking just before the...

Summer Isn’t Over Yet

A lightning strike of shock hit me hard as I gazed upon what looked like a ghost standing in front of me; this stranger’s calves and arms were so white, they looked nearly transparent!...

Boy, Have the Years Flown By: A Reminder to Stay Present

Just the other day, I went to my second orthopedic doctor appointment for my foot that’s healing from a double fracture. While getting checked in, an elderly woman was brought to the registration desk...

Suffering Is A Choice. Or Is It?

Meditation is a regular, if not daily, part of my overall wellness routine. I love the quick, guided meditations from a health and fitness mobile app like Aaptiv. Meditation offers me a few much-needed...

Meet Change, My New Best Friend

Just over two weeks ago, I fractured my left foot in two places. I was kickboxing in my garage and simply tripped. Who knew at 36 years old my bones were already this brittle!...

The Art of Apologizing

During this stay-at-home order over the past several weeks, I’m going to admit it’s been a daily challenge to maintain my patience—especially before my daily morning workout. It seems like the rest of the...

5 Tips for Building Up Resiliency

It’s been said, “If your marriage can survive building a house together, then it can survive anything.” This quote came to mind this morning while I was washing dishes in my brand-new, farmhouse-style white...