Meet Change, My New Best Friend


Meet Change, My New Best Friend | Duluth Mom

Just over two weeks ago, I fractured my left foot in two places. I was kickboxing in my garage and simply tripped. Who knew at 36 years old my bones were already this brittle! I’ve fallen before, sure, but I guess never this hard and not on concrete. Ouch!

Thinking back, it was just one of those more tired-mom days where I should have done yoga or biked instead to hit my “move goal”. But you know the saying, hindsight is 20/20. 

It’s been a wild ride just trying to do the simplest of things while balancing on one foot: going to the bathroom, taking a shower. Clara, my five-year-old daughter, said, “Mommy, you can hop like a bunny!” She’s right, I can be found hopping around the house everywhere on my one good foot. 

I have a new appreciation for stores and homes that are accessible with a knee scooter. Thankfully, my new house is one level. I’m also thankful I’m a practicing yogi and have generally good balance or I would be in a world of hurt. Oh, to be honest, I guess I still am!

Yes, change is pretty much new bestie. This broken foot comes at a time when I’m also interviewing for a new corporate job, completing a professional certification online, and we are busy finishing construction on our new home with various workers coming in and out of it all the time. That’s on top of the fact that I’m still performing my mom duties and trying to bring my social life back into the picture while this pandemic thing is (hopefully) slowing to a simmer! 

Change likes to play jokes on us, I’ve come to believe. She likes to catch us off guard right when we think we’ve had enough and we’re at the end of our patience. She knocks on the door and lets herself in with no warning at all! She’s like that great auntie of yours who is oh-so-loud and obnoxious. You know the one. You put up with her because you have to but you really wish she’d skedaddle soon!

Going against the grains of my former controlling self, I’m now rejecting the urge to say “hit the road jack” to change. I’m accepting that she’s a permanent part of our family. Come on in change, you’re welcome here. I have overcome difficulties before and I can overcome you now. Thank you, change, for adding some flavor to my life and helping us all stay gritty! With you around, we can all become a little more resilient, accepting, and patient.