Raising Boys: The Good, Bad, and Absolutely Disgusting


Raising Boys: The Good, Bad, and Absolutely Disgusting | Duluth MomYesterday I made a mistake. I went to the bathroom (alone, might I add. Yay!) and after I was done I stood to find that my rear end was wet. Ugh.

Once again I did not look before I sat down and SOMEONE PEED ON THE SEAT for the 3,673,479 time! Defeated with life and thinking about how all I want is to go to the bathroom with no issues, I cleaned up the rest of the mess (the toilet seat and the floors) and politely reminded my 8 and 6 year old boys to put the seat up when they go to the bathroom. Oh and to flush. And one more thing: wash your dang hands!

This got me thinking about all the things I have said to my boys over the years because let’s face it: boys are gross, and dirty, and stinky, but also they are amazing, and caring, and so smart. Watching them grow has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Here are a few of my favorite phrases I have found myself saying over the years. Enjoy!

”Get your peter off the table.”

”We don’t lick the toilet seat.”

”Please don’t fart on your brother. It hurts his feelings (under my breath: and may cause pink eye?).”

”Who pooped and didn’t flush?! Oh and also didn’t wipe?!”

“You guys can not go to the same bathroom at the same time. That is unacceptable. Use separate toilets!”

”We don’t poop in totes. Or in the garage. We poop in toilets.”

”We can’t sleep with the spiders we catch. That sounds like a bad idea.”

And last but not least:  “Please don’t chase your sister around with a worm. She doesn’t like worms. That isn’t kind. Also don’t chase mom! Gross!”

Raising Boys: The Good, Bad, and Absolutely Disgusting | Duluth MomI was so not prepared for all the things little boys get into and I’m finding I am also not prepared for adolescent boys in my home. The sass is real strong with my oldest. Our boys wrestle with a fierceness I have never seen. I’m learning that soon they will overpower me with their strength and “moves”. However I can tell you that raising boys has been one of the best challenges of my life.

I have been lucky enough to watch my two younger brothers become men. The way they love my mom, take care of her, and support her is what I hope my boys will also grow to be. Yet they still love to pick on her and push her buttons (to be honest, all 5 of us do, my dad included). But if mom calls, they will drop everything to help her. The relationship between moms and their boys is like no other. I cherish the crazy moments with my boys. The endless laughs are worth the dirty, stinky, grossness that comes with raising them.