Erin Labat

Erin lives in Two Harbors, MN with her husband, Adam, 3 living children, Jon, Gus, and Lou, and labradoodle, Daisy. Follow Erin on Instagram as she captures her crazy life as a part time working mom, full time mom to 3 kids, one with specieal needs, and antics of her children, dog, and husband.
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We are Rare: What This Means for My Family

My family celebrates Rare Disease Day® on the last day of February each year. We use this day to bring light to the different rare diseases that affect people around the world — including...

A Mom’s Reflection on SIDS Research

Disclaimer: The following post is written from the perspective of a Duluth Mom contributor who has experienced the loss of a child due to SIDS. Her words are written in response to the recently...

Coping with Child Loss: Ray’s Story

It was January 11, 2011 and my husband and I woke up the same way we did every day.  Our son, Ray, was 4 months and 10 days old. He was laying on the...

Safe and Healthy: Twin Ports Mental Health Resources for Children

Two years ago, our autistic middle son, Gus, rode his bike off of our normal path. He moved very quickly. We lost him. My husband jumped on his bike and rode the surrounding blocks...

I AM ENOUGH: Self Love as a Mom

I recently read a post in a Facebook group in which a young mom asked, “When do you start to feel like yourself again?” This got me thinking about when I started to feel like...

Sensory Processing Disorder: A Parent’s Perspective

When my middle son, Gus, was two and a half, our sensory struggles started. He would have multiple meltdowns a day; more than the average “terrible twos” temper tantrums. His meltdowns would leave both...

Coping with Child Loss: Helping Children Grieve

Very early on in our parenting life, after Ray died, my husband and I decided that Ray would continue to be a part of our family, of our lives. We would continue to have...

Coping with Child Loss: Can Your Relationship Survive?

I met my husband, Adam, in high school. We started dating after we eighteen, way back in 2002. We dated for almost all of our college years, but broke up for time after graduation....

Raising Boys: The Good, Bad, and Absolutely Disgusting

Yesterday I made a mistake. I went to the bathroom (alone, might I add. Yay!) and after I was done I stood to find that my rear end was wet. Ugh. Once again I did...

How is Your Stay At Home Order Going?

When the Minnesota Governor announced that schools would close the first thought I had was “Oh, crap. Teaching is not a gift of mine. Also how am I going to manage 3 small humans...