12 Ways You Know You’re a Mom


There are some pretty crazy and sometimes quite hilarious things we do as moms. Often times we are the last person to take care of ourselves. Once the family is taken care of, then it’s finally mom’s turn, and chances are we are just too tired at that point. Here are a few of my latest realizations as a busy mom of two tiny humans…

1. My purse is a diaper bag. 
I often am in such a hurry when leaving the house and all I want to do is lug another bag with me. I take my wallet and sunglasses and throw them into the diaper bag in a hurry. (There may or may not be several lip glosses in the bottom of the diaper bag that have rarely been used.) Not the most glamourous purse, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.

2. Showers are a luxury. Baths are like visiting a spa!  
12 Ways You Know You're a Mom | Duluth Moms BlogI’m sorry but sometimes I only get to shower 2-3 times a week. This one really gets me because I used to shower everyday before kiddos, but now I just simply do not have the time. Thank god for dry shampoo, hats and pony tails or I’m not sure what I would do…

3. Trips to Target or the grocery store alone are considered mini vacations.
When I can wander the aisles of Target alone, it’s almost like I’m sitting on a beach sipping a marg… almost. But instead I’m drinking a sparking water and cruising the aisles in yoga pants. What? It’s almost just as good. Almost.

4. Silence at bedtime is one of the most amazing sounds of the day.
No matter how mischievous the littles were during the day, when you glance over and see them sleeping, it is one of the most precious things you will ever witness! You will instantly feel horrid for ever yelling at them for anything that day. The guilt will consume you as you take in every curve of their little pursed little lips as they snuggle into your shoulder.

5You eat whatever chocolate you find.
12 Ways You Know You're a Mom | Duluth Moms BlogAs long as it’s not covered with dirt or partially open. Heck even if it is partially open I probably would still eat it. If I find chocolate… anywhere… I’m winning!

6. One glass of wine leads to two, then you’re drunk.
12 Ways You Know You're a Mom | Duluth Moms BlogYou have a toddler and you’re breastfeeding a baby. Good night. See you in the morning mama. I used to be able to drink with the best of them… now I fear a 6 pack would send me straight to the ER.

7You can’t let go! 
Sending your kids to Papa and Nana’s for the night, you actually start to miss them and it’s all you and your husband talk about while they are away. The house is so quiet it’s eerie. You need them back! You enjoy your time, but find yourself rushing to pick them up again!

8. You catch yourself talking to your husband like you talk to your kids.
I’ve called my husband “bud” a few times this week while asking him something. The look I get is priceless! Most days I feel like I may be losing it a bit… he agrees.

9. The instant pot is your new best friend.
Best. Thing. Ever! Frozen chicken, raw vegetables, and some spices made into a delicious meal in minutes. I’ll take it! I seriously can do just about anything in this thing and it turns out perfect every time. Don’t have one yet? Look it up! You NEED this kitchen gadget in your life!

10. Social media and Netflix are mommy’s time outs!
Let’s be honest, TV doesn’t happen often, but when it does look out Desperate Housewives, Fixer Upper, Million Dollar Listing, and Devious Maids. Mama wants to watch some good TV and dang it I deserve it! 

11. If you find a chip in your bra you might eat it.
Yeah you read that correctly. This actually happened to me the other day. I was eating chips earlier and as I was changing I discovered one had made its way into my bra… yup then I ate it. Fresh as could be… I couldn’t even believe it myself. I chuckled in disbelief at my behavior.

12. You have left the house before without doing your hair.
This one can be devastating depending on where you’re going… grocery store, school, or gas station… no problem. Family event, church, or cake delivery… not so good. Like I said before, mom always gets everyone one else ready before herself and sometimes you just forget about you… or you just don’t have the energy to invest. So the next time you see me with a slicked back pony and minimal make up… I tried… I really did!

Although life can throw curve balls and be stressful at times, being a mom is the most rewarding job title one can have. It’s challenging, always changing, and fast paced. There’s never a dull moment and lots of moments that take your breath away. I may not have as much “me time” anymore, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love these little munchkins with all my heart and soul. So next time you see me at the grocery store or at the park sporting a hat with no makeup and tons of dry shampoo, no judgement please, we have all been there. Am I right? Cheers mamas!