Making the Most of Summer {FREE PRINTABLE}


Making the Most of Summer {FREE PRINTABLE} | Duluth Moms Blog

Summer 2019 is upon us! Summer means warmer weather and longer days… and those longer days are typically filled with more time spent with our kids. Depending on the hour, this revelation could make you feel very excited, stressed, or a combo of both. Calendars have a way of filling up with activities, vacations, and other events as we try to make the most of summer. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed because of the busyness or trying to meet certain expectations of what we think summer should look like.

Whether or not you have your kids enrolled in weekly summer camps, sports, or have an epic family vacation planned, you can still make the most of those slow summer days. I think making the most of summer requires being intentional and enjoying the little moments. You’ve maybe heard that you only have 18 summers with your kids, that’s it! 18. Making the most of summer doesn’t mean that every moment of those 18 summers needs to be extra magical or even extra expensive. It just means intentionally filling each summer with some of those simple memories and moments we want our kids to have and hold on to.

Summer bucket lists are pretty popular these days. I know I’ve seen so many of them floating around online. Some are awesome and helpful while some can be overwhelming because they include 50+ things and can quickly become expensive. I’ve learned from experience that sometimes aiming too high for what we can achieve in a summer can leave me feeling like a failure when August rolls around and most of my “to do’s” are still undone. Now I try to keep things realistic, but also exciting.

In this post we’ve included TWO FREE PRINTABLES for you to use with your family this summer. These are in a Bingo format so you can choose to do just a few and get a Bingo, or try to complete them all. One is filled in for you with some very simple ideas to help you make the most of Summer 2019. The other one is blank if you choose to customize it with your kids and for your family.

Making the Most of Summer {FREE PRINTABLE} | Duluth Moms Blog

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Making the Most of Summer {FREE PRINTABLE} | Duluth Moms Blog