The Week My Toddler Dressed Me


The Week My Toddler Dressed Me

The Week My Toddler Dressed Me | Duluth Moms Blog

Drab, dated, expired… just  few thoughts that go through my mind every morning I pick my outfit out for the day. Usually there’s a distraction or two of juggling making breakfast and changing diapers. Maybe my toddler’s cereal isn’t cold enough. The point is, these days my outfit choices go on the back burner to what is crammed into our very busy everyday lives and schedule. I high five myself when I put together an ensemble sans yoga pants or exercise leggings. When it comes to my style in this season of Motherhood, there is little to no time left to put in the effort I once did pre kids. I refuse to let myself, or my creativity go, but I also had an extreme feeling of boredom wash over me one day as I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

The idea struck me that it would surely spice up my fashion if I let my sassy three year old pick my outfits for me. Why not? If she can rock leopard and floral among other prints and accessories, why can’t I?! Or so I thought. The week I encouraged my daughter to dress me, I was prepared to be silly and fun. Throw anything my way because I love a good challenge. What I wasn’t prepared for was how out of my comfort zone it would take me. Naturally, on day one she jumped right in, holding nothing back. She chose two completely separate floral prints. “Are you sure?” I asked her. I was surprised how much I wanted to redirect my mini stylist into something I could blend in wearing. Not on her watch…. “You look so beautiful, mama!” Sigh. A deep breath and some courage later I was strutting around in all of my floral glory, and I got ALL the looks to match. Maybe I was just a tad more self conscious this day, but I swear I had all of Duluth’s eyes on my attire. Would I get a pardon from society because it was ironically the week of Halloween? The plot thickens.

I decided to keep a mini daily diary of my thoughts and feelings along this journey. Sure, I felt amazing in some outfits, and wanted to hide in others, but it was a blessing to have my baby girl get that excited about something so simple. Seeing her creativity soar with no limits was a true wonder. It was a light in her day, everyday that week to dig in my closet and be in control of my look. I encourage every mom to try it once. Teach the life lesson that our beauty only goes as far as our confidence and how we carry ourselves, not by the brand or materials we are decorated in. Taking risks and trying new things can be fun, and life is too short not to be silly. 


The Week My Toddler Dressed Me | Duluth Moms Blog

Oh hello, floral. Today my daughter has chosen my maroon leggings with a shabby chic print and nice chiffon white top with floral. Kudos on the shoes kid, I love booties. A long layered necklace… I think I can handle this.

12:00 PM: So many stares. Why is everyone so shocked? At least she thinks I look cute.


The Week My Toddler Dressed Me | Duluth Moms Blog

Still rocking the booties. I’m going to be completely honest.. I was a little worried when we were having an intimate discussion last night about my wedding dress tucked away in my closet, that it would make it’s grand re-debut today. To my surprise, she has handpicked an awesome outfit out for me. Where has this combo been hiding?! Today I will be rocking my floral romper with my floral chiffon bomber jacket. Due to the frozen tundra climate we now live in, it was decided that the tights that fit me in college will be worn.

12:00 PM: For the record, rompers with tights makes a circus act to perform going to the bathroom while wearing. I’ll give her credit; I’m comfy and I feel cute.

7:00PM: Out trick or treating. I’m sporting my sheer tights on in freezing weather (literally). These boots are surprisingly holding up well trekking through the snow banks door to door.


The Week My Toddler Dressed Me | Duluth Moms Blog

Oh, exercise leggings. I love you. I’m comfortable in you. You are familiar. My daughter is very aware that I teach Stroller Strides on Thursday mornings, so she has chosen a semi appropriate outfit for this occasion. For my accessories, she has chosen a long, red pendant necklace that I love but never wear. I also have a coffee the size of my face in tow, because we are running about 20 minutes late. I am decorated in neon and floral to make my tardiness even more prominent. 

12:00 PM: Chasing my kids all over town and this outfit has me feeling extremely anxious. It’s crazy, and loud and everything I’m not feeling today. I bought this shirt because I loved the print, but the fit is awful and feels like I am hiding in a tent. Note to self: only by clothes that are a flattering fit from here on out.


The Week My Toddler Dressed Me | Duluth Moms Blog

We are on a roll with the prints this week. Today she has dug out one of my favorite aztec printed sweaters for me to layer on top of a simple black v-neck tee. Thankfully, I have these printed leggings to pair with. “Mama, you look extra beautiful today.” Goofy, beautiful….maybe those are the same things in a toddlers eyes? My extremely weathered Sorrel boots made the cut for my outfit today. I have to give her credit, we did get snow so she is being realistic. 

5:00 PM: I am still super comfortable so I will not be complaining. I don’t know why, but I actually like the corkiness this outfit has. Trade out the shoes and I could oddly see myself wearing this again. She must be getting to me.


The Week My Toddler Dressed Me | Duluth Moms Blog

My daughter has gotten bored with my fun experiment as to what she will decorate me in today. I think she is perturbed because I failed to have any clean skirts for her to wear today. How dare I burn out her pizzaz for the day! She threw a pair of old jeans and a basic sweater at me. She did however at least go for the bright color. I forgot to put on the gold and red pendant necklace she paired for me! As expected, I was comfortable in this outfit.

5:00 PM: Got an earful about forgetting the necklace. Those little minds are pretty sharp.

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