Back in the Day: 5 Reasons I Loved the 90’s!


It’s been 13 years since I graduated high school. Wow… ok that statement makes me feel a little old. (I know some of you reading this are thinking, yeah young lady I’m a whole heck of a lot older than you… but bare with me here.)

The 90’s were so rad, we had slang words for everything and some killer ways to express ourselves through our clothing. Technology had some big advancements and the music world was pumping!! I’m about to take you back into the 90’s to share a few of my favorite things. Close your eyes tight and let’s go back 27 years…

#1 The Fashion Statements

Back in the Day: 5 Reasons I Loved the 90's! | Duluth Moms Blog

Are you kidding me? The 90’s were so cool when it came to our clothes. Overalls, plaids, baby doll dresses, hair scrunchies and Dr. Martens were all the rage. Confession: I still have all of my Dr. Martens from middle/high school. They are epic. I remember multiple occasions when I snuck into my sisters closet to snoop around and try on her most worn items! When she was away, it was my time to play! Sorry Kel but I did it all the time…

#2 The Political Landscape

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman!” Need I say more? We will all forever remember the political sex scandal that was all over the news and comedy shows. It obviously had a huge impact if I’m still talking about it nearly thirty years later.

#3 Technology Advancement

Who doesn’t remember when cell phones came with a huge bag and a cord! I remember thinking I was so cool sitting in my parents car while they went into the grocery store talking on their huge bag cell phone with the windows rolled down so people could see me talking to my friend. If you were lucky enough to have a handheld it was still pretty much the size of your head.
Internet popularity was just getting big in the 90’s. Remember how cool it was to go to the library and go in all the chat rooms or look for IM’s from your friends? The sweet sound of that dial up connection that was so so so slow it was almost unbearable!?!

The Walkman. Yup I went there. You could walk…and listen to your music. What could be better than that? I can remember sitting on the bus (aka cheese wagon) and listening to my Walkman like I was the coolest kid around town. All these technology advancements were so exciting!!

#4 The Music

Back in the Day: 5 Reasons I Loved the 90's! | Duluth Moms Blog

Let’s face it, the 90’s had some pretty good tunes. Am I right? It was the era that birthed the term “boy band.” The Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, 98 Degrees etc. I could’t get enough of them back then, and I still cannot now. Speaking of, the Backstreet Boys just came to Mpls in July! EEK! (Cue screaming woman now)

There was also the unforgettable Gwen Stephanie of No Doubt that made our hearts want to leave Minnesota to head straight to the California Coast. Oh, and who could forget the introduction to Ms. Britney Spears in that little school girl get up? Also, along came Christina Aguilera with an unbelievable set of pipes. It didn’t stop there. Country music and pop had quite a few hits between Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Shania Twain.

Not to mention a little show called TRL on MTV. Are you with me? I used to wait for that #1 hit to broadcast like my life depended on it. Those were the days… you couldn’t just google a song on your phone or hit your iTunes app to instantly play a song. You actually had to wait for it to come on TV or the radio. If you were lucky you had a video tape ready to go and you hit record so you could watch it over and over again at your leisure.

#5 The Games

N64 was all the rage. It was the new and improved Nintendo that everyone had to have! I literally played this for hours and when I wasn’t playing I watched my siblings play.

Who doesn’t remember the Super Soaker? Am I right? I think I still have mine somewhere and one day I’ll whip it out to show the kiddos what’s up! They will quickly learn that mama ain’t messing around when I pull out the big guns!

My all time favorite of the decade… the Easy Bake Oven. It’s right up there with the Chia Pet!
I used to bake and burn myself on that thing almost daily. The finest cakes and brownies you have ever seen came from that incredible little oven!

All in all the 90’s were definitely a decade I would go back to in a heart beat. It seemed so much simpler compared to today. When I need a little pick me up, turning on 90’s on 9 while cruising around town always seems to lift my spirits. It brings me back to the wonderful things I really loved about the 90’s. So for now, put away your hair scrunchies, bib overalls, and your favorite boy band tees in terms of fashion. But please, pull them out when you’re feeling down and need a little 90’s to brighten your day, or if it’s Halloween of course!