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How to Survive the First Trimester | Duluth Moms Blog

I am pregnant! I just hit the 22-week mark and have emerged from the fog of the first trimester. This pregnancy has been different from my first pregnancy. Maybe it’s because I’m a few years older than I was when I got pregnant the first time. Maybe it’s because I’m also running around after 3 year old twins. Or maybe it’s because every pregnancy is just different.

I started out feeling tired. Like falling asleep on the couch minutes after putting my girls to bed tired. This was similar to my first pregnancy. Of course, I can’t just sneak in a power nap to make it through the rest of the day because my twins decided that it’s now an ideal time to give up their nap. Perfect. 

Next up: morning sickness. Okay, so this was totally different than I remember. During my first pregnancy I had food aversions and needed to make sure I ate frequent snacks and small meals. But if I did that, then I was mostly fine. This time, I woke up nauseous. Gagged while brushing my teeth. Had no appetite, but eating something was the only thing to make it slightly better. But if I ate too much (like a normal-sized meal), back to feeling nauseous. It’s been an all day event (which really threw my husband for a loop since it wasn’t just a morning issue like he though it would be).

My fun third symptom? Headaches. The headaches themselves probably weren’t awful on their own, but combined with the morning sickness and the fact that I couldn’t take my usual go-to headache remedy (aspirin + caffeine) — they felt like the end of the world. 

I also had terrible back pain. In the very beginning of pregnancy, the hormone relaxin helps loosen ligaments to start letting your body prepare to birth a baby. My body just gets weird and I can throw my back out by sneezing, standing in the wrong position for too long, picking up a 3 year old (of which I have two), or any number of completely normal daily activities. 

The first trimester felt like some of the longest weeks of my life. Partly because I was so excited to share my baby news, and partly because of how awful I felt. But the world doesn’t stop because I don’t feel good! These are a few things that helped me get through it. 

Sea-sickness bands

I had heard of this trick to fight nausea and thought a) that can’t work and b) those are ugly. But I was so desperate for relief that I ordered a set and gave them a try. To my surprise, they did help! Sea-sickness bands work by putting accupressure on a pressure point on each wrist which helps people who get seasick on a boat OR nauseous mamas. I don’t care how they look since they make me feel a little better. I wore these for a few weeks beyond when I really needed them because they worked so well and I was terrified of getting nauseous again — perfectly rational in my pregnant mind.

Vitamin B6

I started this around the same time as the wrist bands to also to combat the nausea. I take 25mg twice a day. Check with your doctor, of course, but I found it to be a helpful vitamin to add to my arsenal. Another thing your doctor might recommend is Unisom. It’s an over-the-counter sleeping pill but it’s supposed to help pregnancy sickness, too. You only take it at night. I was already tired all the time so I was too worried that I would sleep through my kids crying in the middle of the night. I didn’t try this one. 

Essential Oils

Tylenol just doesn’t cut it when I have a headache. I found some essential oil rollers on amazon made for migraine/headache relief. They don’t get rid of the headache completely, but they do provide some relief. They are a blend of peppermint and lavender. I roll a little on my temples, behind my ears, on the back of my neck. Just don’t rub your eyes after you put it on your temples — I learned that the hard way!


Prenatal massage helped my back a ton! Plus who doesn’t like a good massage?! I plan to continue this through my pregnancy. 


This is another go-to for back pain. I went frequently with my first pregnancy and plan to go back again this time as I need it.

Screen time

My screen time limits have gotten a little more relaxed. My kids definitely watched more tv this winter. I have never been more thankful for Peppa Pig than on a day when I’m nauseous, with a headache, when my back hurts. Now that I feel better, I’m working on breaking this bad habit — so keep that in mind. But would do it again? Yes, in a heartbeat. 

Grocery pickup/delivery

Grocery shopping with 3 year olds — not super fun. Nauseous grocery shopping — also not my idea of a good time. Combine the two, and it’s a special kind of torture. I tried some of our local grocery pickup services and wonder why I waited so long! Shop at home, drive to the store and have someone load the groceries into your car without ever having to unbuckle car seats. Yes it takes a little more planning because you can’t just walk thru the store to remember what you need (my usual strategy), but once you get the hang of it, it’s amazing! I think I even save money by getting rid of impulse purchases. Next on my list to try, grocery delivery so we don’t even have to leave the house! 

I know that pregnancy is different for everyone — even my own pregnancies have been very different from each other — these are just a few things that helped me get through the first trimester. What has helped you? 

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  1. Pregnant at 42 here with our 7th! I will have to try those bands! Nothing too bad yet! I do have a tip for you and other moms. If you do use Essential Oils, they have got to be pure therapeutic grade oils and you can’t get that off Amazon. They do not work the way they should if not pure! Just a little FYI!

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