Last Day of School {FREE PRINTABLE}


Last Day of School {FREE PRINTABLE} | Duluth Moms Blog

It’s that time of year again! The end of school is finally here. It’s okay if that fact makes you want to cry both tears of joy and stress at the same time. I know we thought it would never come back in February and March–and even during those May snow storms, but it’s here. You and your kiddos survived another school year. Another year of packing lunches, rushing to the bus, sitting in the after school pick up line, attending school functions and fundraisers, and staying patient during those late night homework sessions are in the books.

Maybe that doesn’t seem like a huge accomplishment to you, but let me tell you: it is! No matter what school kids attend, parents play a huge role in supporting their kid’s education. So you can celebrate this milestone of completing another school year right alongside your kids.

Take a minute on the last day of school and celebrate with your kids, too. It could be as simple as telling them how proud you are of them or it could be going out to grab ice cream or dinner at your favorite restaurant. The end of school also marks the beginning of summer, so start it off right! Celebrate!

Here is a fun printable for you to use on the last day of school too. Let your kids tell you about their year by answering these questions about their school year. Click HERE to print.

Happy Summer mamas!