On the Topic of Gun Safety and Our Children


I am going to skip all of the fluff and get straight to the topic – frankly, there isn’t even any fluff on the topic of gun safety and our children. Here, you will find non-partisan organization websites and resources to help you learn about gun safety and how to better equip yourself to protect your children.

Right off the bat, if your family owns guns and firearms make sure that you have them safely and responsibly accounted for and stored. Recently, right here in Duluth, there was an elementary-aged child who brought an unloaded gun to school. It is most definitely the parents’ and guardians’ job to keep the guns locked and inaccessible to children.

Stats about school shootings from BeSmartforkids.org

Now, I don’t hunt and there aren’t guns in my home so I really had no idea what the going rate was for a gun case or lock. I looked a few up online and on Amazon and found many relatively cheap options that will lead to PRICELESS safety. There were safes that ranged from $100-$500. Here are a few links to the most commonly sold ones on Amazon – but as always, do your own research to find the most appropriate one for your home.

These are affiliate links. Any affiliate dollars that Duluth Mom makes through the purchases of gun safety items will be donated to Moms Demand Action.

Talking to Your Children About Guns

Talking to Your Children About Guns resource from Besmartforkids.org

One of our favorite emotional learning resources, Slumberkins, helps parents prepare to talk about school shootings by “putting on their oxygen masks first” with this Instagram post.

Gun Safety Resources for Learning and Taking Action

Moms Demand Action – National, State and local group. From their website, “Moms Demand Action is a grassroots movement of Americans fighting for public safety measures that can protect people from gun violence.”

Everytown for Gun Safety along with specific Minnesota stats that you can view here.

Free gun locks through the Duluth Police Department. {This link is from June, but it is still worth checking into!}

MN Firearms Safety Courses for ages 11-15 (Youth) and for ages 16+ (Adults)

Ask Questions About Gun Safety

Ask your child’s school about their plans, including how they notify parents of any threats or situations. If the communication plan isn’t sufficient for you as a concerned parent, voice your concerns with constructive ideas for change.

Ask your child’s friend’s parents when you arrange playdates if they own firearms and how they are stored. I always tell my daughter, “It is my job to keep you healthy, and to keep you safe.” Asking parents about their gun ownership and storage should be as simple as communicating about food allergies. The image below shares a really easy and friendly way to ask your peers and can be accompanied by more conversation starters here.

example of how to ask parents of your child's friends if they own guns from besmartforkids.org

Last but not least, prayer gets a bad rap when it comes to gun safety and gun laws. If you’re a praying person, you know that prayer is powerful and comforting. Keep the prayers coming – BUT don’t forget to couple your prayers with meaningful action. Pray to be shown what your next step should be.


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