Hearts and Crafts for Kids + FREE Gift Tag Printable


A short month, but not short of hearts, chocolates, flowers and love! Ahhh February. 

If you are looking for a meaningful gift for love ones, this personalized craft is sure to melt hearts. The bitter cold is going to be showing up this Valentine’s Day week, painting will be the perfect indoor project to help cure any cabin fever.

We have even taken it one step further and we created a printable gift tag for you, we hope this means there is one less thing on your to-do list, mama.

Share your project pictures on social media and tag us, we love to see what other moms are up to!

Craft Supply List

☑ Paint shirts for your kid(s)

☑ Newspaper or towels to place under the project

☑ Blank canvas (Michael’s sells 10 canvases for $10)

☑ A variety of colors of washable paints (We like to use the Crayola brand)

☑ Paper plates to squirt paint onto

☑ Paint brushes (Can be found at the dollar store or Target)

☑ Paper towels or wipes for clean up

☑ Painters tape (used to tape off the heart shape)

kids crafts

Directions, Tips and Tricks

First, get that paint shirt on each kiddo (or leave them in their diaper if that is your style, but it might be a little cold!). My family likes to just use old tees that can be washed and reused.

Depending on the decor and furniture in your home, you may want to cover the table or floor with paper towels or newspapers to make clean-up easier on you.

Next, help your kids choose the colors they would like to paint with and squirt the paint on a paper plate. 

We use painters tape to mark off any area of the canvas that you would like to stay as blank canvas. We marked off a heart shape.

Finally, let your kids go wild! They may enjoy using their fingers if they are still in the texture touchy feely stage, otherwise the paint brushes come out to play.

Peel off the painters tape, and let the canvases dry before attaching the gift tag to the back. 

Free gift tag download!


Happy Valentine's Day gift tag

Have fun making special memories with your kids, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day! 💗