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Mollie Meinhold


Winter Gear for Kids: I Start Stockpiling in September!

Winter. Where do I even begin. Winter is beautiful, calm, and at times, even romantic (think cuddling up in front of a fire with the snow falling out the window). But I have two little...
Duluth Underwear for mom

I Did It, Moms—I Finally Bought New Underwear, and So Should You!

I have been talking about buying new underwear for a while now. I will be real with you, my current collection is nothing to brag about, in fact, it is pretty undesirable. I would...

Hearts and Crafts for Kids + FREE Gift Tag Printable

A short month, but not short of hearts, chocolates, flowers and love! Ahhh February.  If you are looking for a meaningful gift for love ones, this personalized craft is sure to melt hearts. The bitter...

I Survived the Wait for Bentleyville! Here’s How!

I have been seeing a lot of Bentleyville questions floating around social media, especially regarding the wait, the bathrooms, and, oh yeah, the wait. I want to share what I know with you and...

Our Pandemic Winter: Exploring All Duluth Has to Offer Outside

Duluth has so many great indoor things to do with the kids during the winter months, but we're in a pandemic and some of us aren’t comfortable using these venues because our comfort levels...

A Miscarriage During a Pandemic

The morning of my scheduled 12-week OBGYN appointment was just like any other morning. My husband let me sleep in as he usually does and our morning routine went like clockwork. I stood at...

Oh, You’re Going to Have Someone Else Raise Your Children?

When I found out I was pregnant, which if you know me, was a big deal because I am an IVF mama, words cannot describe how happy I was. Literally I just can not...

My Covid-19 Playlist: Music for Uncertain Times

I am sure we have all referred to the movie Groundhog Day recently, living the same day over and over trapped in our homes, waiting for the day that it is safe to exit. ...

I Am One in a Hundred: The Statistic of Having Three Miscarriages

One in four, I am sure anyone who has had a miscarriage knows that daunting fact. One in four women have experienced the loss of a miscarriage. I am now in a new statistic;...

Celebrating a Birthday During a Pandemic: We Will Make it the Best One Ever!

  Here we are about to celebrate my daughters first birthday during a pandemic. This is a day most parents prep for weeks in advance: planning the perfect smash cake, choosing the cutest outfit, sending...