The Double Cart


Two months ago I was lucky enough to become a stay at home mom! So obviously I am going to be the perfect mom now. We are going to do art projects and educational activities all day! I am going to cook gourmet meals all the time, and I am going to send my husband to work with lunch so he doesn’t have to spend money eating out. All of the boxes that are still waiting to be unpacked from moving in a few months ago will be unpacked and organized right away and I will start decorating. Our house will look like it came out of a magazine! Oh and the rest of this baby weight is just going to finally drop off now because I will actually have time to take care of myself! Maybe I will even start extreme couponing!

Yeah I know, I was delusional. But I really thought this would be my new reality! Instead, here I am sitting in my car in the parking lot at Target (the most magical place in the world). And it’s raining. And I seriously don’t know how to get myself and my twins, who don’t walk yet, inside!

Okay, forget it, we don’t need anything that badly. Oh wait, yes we do, we need milk. Milk! From this moment on I will always have at least three gallons of milk in the fridge. We should get a second fridge to keep in the garage just for extra milk. Okay, this is ridiculous. We are going inside! Do I use the stroller but then I don’t have anywhere to put anything? Do I put one baby in the Ergo carrier and the other in the cart that’s probably wet? Or do I carry both girls half running into the store looking like a crazy person while hoping and praying that one of the two-kid carts is available and dry? Definitely option three.

The Double Cart | Duluth Moms Blog

I am used to people staring when I go out in public with the girls. I get it – twins are fascinating! And I’m sure I used to stare at twins and cute babies, too. But today I was getting next level stares – probably because now in addition to carrying almost 50 pounds of baby, I am soaking wet. And even though its that chilly fall kind of rain, I am hot – like sweating so much I look like I just finished a spin class hot. But we did it! We made it inside! And now I am ready to go home and take a nap. Nothing like Mother Nature to take you down a notch! 

Back to the task at hand: milk. Please let this be the day that we don’t run into anyone. Straight to the dairy aisle and then home — oh wait, what’s that over there? A sale on towels? We NEED towels! I could use one right now. Definitely buying some towels. And bubble bath, and socks, and new hats, and leggings with cats on them?! We NEED them! Oh who am I kidding, this is a full on shopping trip. It was enough of an ordeal to get in here, we are making the most of this! Over to the baby snack aisle to break open a box of Baby Mum Mums — my secret weapon for getting through any shopping trip. Almost to the milk aisle and it hits me — we have to get back into the car in the rain. Nooooo! Maybe one more lap through the kids decor aisle won’t hurt…  

What I thought would be a seemingly mundane trip to Target helped me realize two things:

1) My life should be a sitcom because raising twins is ridiculous sometimes and you just have to laugh!

The Double Cart | Duluth Moms Blog

The Double Cart | Duluth Moms Blog

And 2) Ok I get it, my expectations of what it meant to be a stay at home mom were unrealistic. The house is going to be a little messy – we live here! Instead of trying to make fancy complicated foods every day, I am going to find some amazing crock-pot recipes. And instead of putting so much pressure on myself to find the most educational activity for every second of every day, I am going to enjoy my girls and laugh and play. Because that’s really why I did this after all.

The Double Cart | Duluth Moms Blog

The Double Cart | Duluth Moms Blog

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Meet Emily, mom to 3 year old twins Lucie & Charlotte with baby number 3 on the way! She likes to cook, watches too much HGTV, and loves fashion -- although lately she is focusing that love of fashion on matching outfits for her girls while she wears yoga pants. Emily has quickly realized that becoming a stay-at-home mom doesn't magically make you a super mom with a perfectly decorated house that cooks gourmet meals all the time -- but she is embracing the chaos and hoping to share some of the hilarious craziness that is raising twins with you!


  1. Oh my goodness – too funny! I had very similar thoughts when contemplating my stay-at-home future. Delusional is a very good word for it! The most important thing is just loving those babies and everything else will work out somehow…..

  2. LOVE this!
    Emily you are such a breath of fresh air and your writing is witty and oh so true….we all can relate!
    You rock those leggings, hug the girls and fill us in on what’s new on HGTV.

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