The Power of Touch for Moms {Infinity Massage & Wellness}

We have partnered with Infinity Massage and Wellness to bring you a first-hand experience of the services they offer. While this post is sponsored, all opinions & experiences are 100% our own!

When Self Care Is a Luxury

Moms shell out a lot of love during a day. We carry babies, we rock them to sleep, we kiss boo-boos, foreheads and squishy cheeks. We hug our kids, our partner, the dog, and sometimes it seems like their energy is sustained by us moms. To a busy mom, a massage can be considered a “treat,” a “luxury,” a time when she could be getting a lot of other things done, or use the money to buy new clothes for her kids. Our society today is very fast paced, and as women running a household, we often put the needs of others in front of ourselves. I believe there is a balance to everything but we must take time to take care of ourselves. But where do WE go to fill up, to get balance, to get peace? Infinity Massage was like getting a big hug of serenity and calmness. As soon as I walked in I felt at ease.

The Power of Touch

The power of touch can heal, connect, and soothe. It can steady our busy, overactive minds and calm anxiety. Massage is wonderful for circulation, can help you sleep better, and unlike other forms of touch, getting a massage does not require you to reciprocate, it simply requires you to breathe and relax. At Infinity Massage you will find that the massage therapists are very knowledgeable and welcoming; they want to get to know you and what your needs are. The massage tables are warm and the rooms are very cozy and spa-like which is something every mom can appreciate. 

The Power of Touch for Moms {Infinity Massage and Wellness} | Duluth Moms Blog

Custom Relaxation

The massage I received at Infinity Massage was really amazing and mostly because it was catered to me. The therapist I saw had positive energy and talked with me a lot before beginning. She used oils that I preferred and even recommended an amazing “sleep spray” after I told her I suffered from occasional insomnia. I love the spray and I now use it on my children too. I am one of those moms that had terrible sciatica pains with both my children during my pregnancies, and still to this day my muscles are so tight in the area around my glutes. My therapist at Infinity Massage was the first person to really address the area without making me squirm. (She’s a keeper!) Infinity Massage has a team of over fourteen therapists and one whole food nutritionist, so you are sure to find your match; and I was blown away by the availability and hours for busy moms! 

My Massage Goal

I left Infinity Massage with a spring in my step and feeling rejuvenated, and not like I was drowsy as some other massages have made me feel. I want to be a mom that knows how to take care of herself, which includes massage. Not because it’s frivolous but because it’s good for me, mind and body. I am going to start going at least once a month, and it’s much easier to achieve this now that I trust and feel comfortable with the therapist I saw. I truly felt valued and heard, and I left with some awesome goodies as well like the sleep spray and roll on. I can’t wait to go back and I would recommend Infinity Massage to anyone. They also offer couples massage, cupping, raindrop therapy, and ear candling to name a few specialties!

The Power Of Touch For Moms{Infinity Massage and Wellness} | Duluth Moms Blog

When you book your appointment (which I hope you do, mamas), give yourself a few extra minutes to find Infinity Massage which is conveniently located in Gordy’s Plaza in Hermantown.


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