Movin’ on Up: A New Home for St. Luke’s OBGYN Clinic in Early 2023

Duluth Mom brings you this exciting announcement sponsored by St. Luke's

Six years ago, we were thrilled to open our beautiful, brand-new Birthing Center at St. Luke’s Hospital. Now, we are excited to announce that St. Luke’s Obstetrics & Gynecology Associates will be moving to a new location. But don’t worry – we’re not moving far. 

In early 2023, we will move from the lower level of the Northland Medical Center (1001 E. 1st Street) over a building and up to the third floor of St. Luke’s Lakeview Building (1001 E. Superior Street). 

nurse and families of different races waiting in a clinic waiting room

What you can look forward to

This new location will mean greater comfort, more privacy, more space and increased efficiency. Plus, some pretty amazing views of our favorite Great Lake. The large windows in the new reception and lobby will look out over the beautiful horizon of Lake Superior and the Lift Bridge. You’ll be able to admire the waves and watch the ships come in as you arrive for your appointment.

Here are some of the details of our renovation: 

  • Double the space of our current location
  • A large, family-friendly reception and lobby
  • A modern, yet calming design
  • Beautiful views of the lake
  • 24 exam rooms (currently 15)
  • Larger exam rooms
  • Designated non-stress test (NST) room
  • Increased number of procedure and ultrasound rooms
  • Breastfeeding pods for private nursing 
  • Private, recessed scales 

Parking will still be free and convenient, available both in the Hospital & Northland Ramp or the Lakeview Building lot. 

Starting soon, finishing early 2023

We hope you’re just as excited as we are about this upcoming move! We have an incredible group of OBGYN providers who I am honored to work with. We are all proud of the excellent reputation we’ve built for providing quality, compassionate care. Now, we look forward to having a clinic space that will be of equal caliber. 

The remodeling of the new space will begin in June 2022. By January 2023, we hope to open our brand-new clinic. So, get excited for the move and watch for a grand opening announcement!

This announcement is written by Dr. Sarah Clausen, St. Luke’s Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Learn more about Dr. Clausen by reading her bio here.