Back to School Guide {With Printables and School Supply Lists!}

This back to school guide is brought to you by Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Upper Midwest

Once again, we go into the 2021-2022 school year facing such uncertainty. We’re all feeling anxious and overwhelmed, but, as mamas (and therefore the captain in charge of rallying the team), we’re trying our hardest to look on the bright side, and to not let the unknown spoil some of our kids’ biggest school moments.

Maybe your baby is headed off to her first day of PreK or Kindergarten. Maybe your biggest will be entering the hallowed halls of the middle school or high school for the first time. Or maybe you’ve chosen to keep your children at home and spend the year homeschooling.

Duluth Mom is here to help you prepare for the school year. Below you’ll find the area schools’ classroom supply lists as well as a few extras we thought you might want to grab on your back to school shopping run. Hopefully, we can help you keep sane and give those kiddos an exciting start to the new school year, whatever it may look like!

While you’re shopping for your kids’ school supplies, fill your cart with a few extras. Moms need supplies to survive the school year, too! Here are our must-have items.

Comfy Shoes – For chasing kids into the car or walking to and from bus stops.

Leggings – You gotta be able to bend and squat. There are shoes to be tied, heart-to-heart chats to be had at your kiddos’ levels, and car seats/boosters to adjust.

Tunic – To cover your bum in those flexible leggings 

School Tee or Hoodie – If you are going to volunteer in classrooms or attend sporting events or field trips, you will want to show your school spirit!

Coffee – Everything is more manageable with coffee. It is like a hug in a mug.

Immunity Boosting Vitamins – We all know that if mom is sick, she does not get a day off. Keep yourself healthy.

A Good Travel Mug – Keep your drink warm while idling in all of those drop off and pick up lines.

Chocolate – Everyone needs a hidden mom stash for a mid-day pick-me-up.

Gasoline Budget – Make sure your tank is filled for all of the running you’ll be doing!

Teacher Gift Ideas – Written by a Twin Ports teacher 🙂

School lists are designed to help teachers meet the needs of their students inside the classroom, but some of us veteran school moms know that a successful school year also means stocking up on a few items that aren’t on the supply lists. These things will help keep our kids prepared for whatever the year may throw at them.

Cheap Plastic Poncho – There will inevitably be a day or two when it pours out and your kiddos are caught without a raincoat. Keeping an inexpensive, foldable poncho in the front pocket of their backpack will keep them prepared.

Waterproof Name Labels – Label all the things, and when we say all… we mean *alllll*.

Lunchbox Notes – Remind your sweet babies how much you love them by adding a quick note to their lunch.

Ice Packs – Keep some around for lunch boxes and for when your children come home from school with playground knee scrapes.

Notecards – These are especially important for upper level students who should be getting in the habit of writing down key curriculum points so studying for tests is easier and organized.

Chapstick and Tissue Packs – Backpack items that keep your kids comfortable during the school day.


We have created two different styles of printables for you in hopes that we’ve taken one task off of your never ending to-do list!

You can either print the signs on colored paper, cardstock, or just plain white computer paper.  You can also save the image to your device and have your children hold their tablet or phone -an especially cute idea if you are hybrid-learning this fall! 

You or your students can color the design in school colors if you’d like!



Help your student fill this out – it will be fun to look back on at the end of the school year!


Breathe, mama! Our kiddos can sense stress and uneasiness. A smile from their rock will put them at ease, and just maybe, they will smile nicely for a picture or two. We can rock this!


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