Sharon McMahon

Sharon McMahon
Sharon is a mom of four children who never stop messing up her house or making her laugh. A native Duluthian who returned home after many years on the East Coast, she wakes up every morning grateful to live in Duluth, which she views as one of the best cities in the world. Sharon is an award winning photographer who loves capturing tiny humans. Find her at

Embracing the Cold: A Love Affair With Winter

I love the cold. The thermometer read -20 this morning, and I didn't even feel sad. Without the cold, everyone would want to live in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world. Because...

Let’s All Just Agree on This: The Art of Interrupting

Summer has finally arrived here in Northern Minnesota. Which means it will be light sweater weather for the next eight weeks, followed by one scorching hot five day period in which we will all...

Everything I Own is Broken

Everything I own is broken. I mean, not really, but basically. I have nineteen remote controls that operate exactly zero things. There’s probably a raccoon in the attic again. Either that or an army of voles. I...

How I Do It All

I am one of those “working moms” you hear about on TV. You know, the kind that gets up at a God-forsaken hour, goes into the bathroom, carefully lights her hair on fire, yells at...

What to Pack for Disney World

"Heeeeeeeeey, how are you?" Schmancy (shockingly, not her real name) said. "I haven't seen you in forevs!" I won't bore you with the ten minutes of small talk that followed. But as I waited for...

Things I No Longer Care About

When you become a mother, you quickly realize how much there is to care about. You care about the fact that today your fetus is the size of a tangerine. You care about whether...

My Walt Disney World Travel Tips

It's winter here in American Siberia. Which means that you're probably either dreaming of warmer climates or you haven't been anywhere without your down comforter in four weeks.  Today I want to share some of...

‘Tis the Season: Ask the Family Photographer

It’s November. And that means every family photographer you know currently has a diet consisting of coffee and Halloween candy and hasn’t showered in approximately six weeks (don’t worry, we all have backup deodorant...