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Kelly Grgas Wheeler

Mom of twin two-year old boys, full-time soccer coach, and animal lover, in that order, Kelly can be found trying to herd her children, on the soccer field or attempting to rescue another dog. A longtime UMD assistant soccer coach, Kelly has also been the Communications Director of UMD women's hockey since 2007. Engaged to marry her partner Charla in August 2018, Kelly lives in the Chester Park area with her sons, four rescue dogs and rescue cat.

When the Early Childhood Milestones Crawl

If your kids have aced every early developmental milestone, then you’re probably going to have a hard time relating to this post. I love my three and a half year old twin sons dearly,...

Ruminating the Academic Redshirt

As I watched everyone head back to school in September, it got me thinking about my own sons who turned three in the middle of June. They just started morning preschool twice a week,...

Adjusting World Cup Expectations To Reflect Our Children’s Reality

I think I might have been one of those parents the other day. You know, someone who annoyingly thinks that their kids are the most talented or the smartest. I didn’t think I was...

Raising Boys to Appreciate Girls Can Be Golden

After dinner the other night, one of my sons told me to look at the gold medal around his neck.  There wasn’t actually a medal, but I knew what his imagination was referencing. Just...

A Salute to My Children’s Cheerleaders

Sometimes I have to take a deep breathe and give credit where credit is due.   I could never do this alone. Ever. Sometimes I feel like I’m not even doing the job my sons...