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Kelly Grgas Wheeler

Mom of twin two-year old boys, full-time soccer coach, and animal lover, in that order, Kelly can be found trying to herd her children, on the soccer field or attempting to rescue another dog. A longtime UMD assistant soccer coach, Kelly has also been the Communications Director of UMD women's hockey since 2007. Engaged to marry her partner Charla in August 2018, Kelly lives in the Chester Park area with her sons, four rescue dogs and rescue cat.

My Family Isn’t the Place For a Diversity Debate

I’ve been thinking about Pride Month this week. Although I’m in a same-sex marriage, I’ve never really celebrated the month. My sons are loved in their community; we have always felt welcomed as a...
Loss of a grandparent duluth minnesota

Guiding Children Through the Longest Goodbye with Grandma

I have studied my now five and half year-old sons closely over the last year. Partly because I was given the gift of time with them, obviously, but also because they have been inching...

What If Our Parents Had Used Smartphones?

Sure, I’m dating myself here, but my parents didn’t have smartphones, or even cell phones, when I was growing up. There wasn’t something constantly buzzing on their wrists or ringing in their jacket pockets....

A Pandemic Has Made Me A More Present Parent

To those parents out there still working outside the home, stocking shelves or taking care of patients, patrolling our streets or delivering our mail, I first wanted to thank you. Unlike those every day...

Grappling With Grief and Emotions in View of Our Children

As I sit down and attempt to write, my household is in a suspended consuming moment of grief.  If you aren’t an animal or even dog person, this maybe isn’t your read. If you...

Don’t Ditch the Dog: Your Children Will Thank You

I read a social media repost the other day and I can’t quite get it out of my head.  It was from someone who was trying to re-home their middle-aged dog because they were...

Capturing Early Conversations About Consent with Our Children

There are many things that keep parents awake at night and I am no different. As a mom to twin four-year old boys, that list can be long, and it has changed as they...

Batten Disease, Through the Unimaginable: Love in the Name of Seth

My friend's three-year old son is terminally ill with Batten Disease. Seth, who is just a few months younger than my own twin sons, is--without sugar-coating it--dying. As a mom, you can try and drink...

Glitter’s Glare: Old Stereotypes Our Sons Don’t Need

I like to believe that I am open minded. I adore parents who allow their children to follow their passion and accept their quirks, no matter what they are, no matter how out of...

Reintroducing My Grandpa to My Children

My grandpa is in the throes of dementia, and instead of shielding my young sons, I am bringing them right along on the journey.  For some reason, some people seem to be surprised by...