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Having lived in both Missouri and Iowa before coming back to her Minnesota roots 5 years ago, Heather Hefter is right at home on the North Shore. Married for 8 years to the easily the funniest man alive, she is also mama to Abigail, 17, Finneaus, 7 and Eleanor, 2. Aside from chasing small humans and naptime crafting like a boss, she enjoys coffee, martinis and donuts (not necessarily in that order). She can be found sporadically writing about life at https://themamaload.wordpress.com
eating a salad in a bowl

New Year’s Resolution & A Salad for Breakfast

New Year's resolutions are tricky. Too vague and I quit because my goal is unclear. Too planned and I quit when I fail any of the extensive guidelines I’ve set for myself. Every year...

Transitioning Into a Working Mom Gig

My mom was a stay-at-home mom for nearly all of my growing up years. It wasn’t until my youngest sister was about to start kindergarten that she got a job outside of our home....

12 Simple Steps to a More Organized New Year

I know what you’re thinking right now. 12 simple steps?! Is this lady lacking some vital nutrients that supply her brain with actual working cells? Hear me out… it’s not as overwhelming as it...

In Defense of Pacifiers

Our now 3 year old loved her pacifiers with a devotion that is usually reserved for marriage or boy bands. My pre-mom persona was never going to give her baby a pacifier. I absolutely hated...

Dearest Fresh Loss Mama

Dearest Fresh Loss Mama: I want you to know that I see you trying to not make eye contact right now. Your smile is there, but it’s forced and it doesn’t quite reach your...

Life as a Pie Crust

In my mind, pie crust seems like it would be the simplest thing to make: flour, a little bit of salt, some butter or shortening, water. I can look at a hundred different pie...

Preparing for Adventure: Packing a Summer Survival Kit

As Minnesotans, we know how to pack a car for the winter months; a winter survival kit, if you will. There’s always a small candle and some granola bars, matches and extra blankets, a...

5 Tips for Traveling with Kids This Summer

Our summer vacation started the winter before. I needed a book to read out loud to my kids, who were six and not quite two at the time. They were sharing a room and, to...

Eschewing Big Birthday Blowouts: Why We Opt for Family Celebrations Instead

My daughter, who will be 3 very soon, was invited to her first birthday party recently for one of her sweet little friends. She got to go to Build-a-Bear and then try her hand...

I Don’t Want to Yell

We’re on the tail end of spring break and man, it was a doozy this year! Not because we didn’t have fun. We had some fun. Not because the weather was cruddy and we were stuck...