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Ashley is a Stay At Home Mom to 4 kids who also happens to homeschool. Her days include a lot of diapers, snacks, books, and tears but those are all part of motherhood. When she is not handling all the responsibilities of being a mom Ashley enjoys connecting with other moms, especially if a good cup of coffee is involved. You can also find her reading any number of books or sneaking chocolate when her kids aren't looking.

Ditching Labels: Viewing Ourselves and Others on a Deeper Level

Labels are everywhere. They're on clothes, food, toys, furniture, blankets, and more. Most of these labels are good! A few month ago we found our my daughter has an egg allergy and I gained...

From Surviving to Thriving

I think most mamas who have had a child for any amount of time have had a conversation similar to one that follows: A friend or family member asks, "How are you doing?" You respond hesitantly,...

My Favorite Gender Reveal

You buy a test. You pee on the stick. Wait, for what feels like the longest 2 minutes ever. Then you see those two little lines. You’re pregnant! And then enter all the emotions. If...

Sometimes I Lose It: When Moms Yell

I never really thought of myself as having a bad temper. I can’t really yell; my voice just isn’t made for it. I am not one to shout or even mutter profanities. And I...

Makeup? No Thanks.

I have a confession: I don’t wear makeup. Scratch that, I don’t even own makeup. It’s been years since a stick of eyeliner, tube of lipstick or any other makeup and accessories have been part...

5 Things My Baby Survived Without

I vividly remember holding each of my girls for the first time. It's hard to put that moment into words. But all of a sudden it hit me. The realization that this little person...
4 Tips to Keep Date Night Alive, Without Leaving the House | Duluth Moms Blog

4 Tips to Keep Date Night Alive, Without Leaving the House

I know that making time for my husband and our relationship is important. Before we had kids, date nights were more frequent and simpler to plan. But now, we really don't get out much....
Celebrating a December Birthday | Duluth Moms Blog

Celebrating a December Birthday

When we first started telling people I was pregnant with our firstborn naturally the first question was, “When are you due??” To which we responded, “December 22!” People almost always had the same response:...
Spread Kindness This Season | Duluth Moms Blog

Spread Kindness This Season

Ready or not, November is here. Which means you have probably already started thinking about the holidays. I know I am already looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving for my family this year. Thinking of...
How to Annoy a Pregnant Woman in Her 3rd Trimester | Duluth Moms Blog

How to Annoy a Pregnant Woman in Her 3rd Trimester

Pregnancy is a unique and special time. There are so many things I love about being pregnant. Feeling kicks and knowing my body is housing a tiny growing human is priceless. It's not always...