A Guide to Feeding Your Voracious Boob Monster at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Please remember to review each Disney park's safety rules as you plan, and be aware that some rides and park spaces may be currently closed to the public due to Covid-19 restrictions.

A Guide to Feeding Your Voracious Boob Monster at Disney’s Magic Kingdom | Duluth Mom

When our family took our first trip to Disney World, I knew that bringing our newly-turned one-year old would be a challenge. She was still nursing voraciously, and demanded I pull out a boob at a whim. I usually comply, as I’ve been in the on-demand breastfeeding camp since she was born, and it has worked for us. I’m not squeamish about feeding her in public, but was a bit concerned how it would work to be away from a quiet space to nurse for an entire day.

Every Disney park has a Baby Care Center where you can take your little one to nurse and rest in air conditioning and quiet. You can also use this space to pump, and although they won’t hold your breastmilk for you, they will hold your pump as you walk around the park. Now if you’ve been to Disney or are planning a trip, you know that you will walk a lot during your time there (we walked 9 miles a day), and walking back and forth to the front of the park every time my little cherub wanted a snack was too daunting for me. Instead I decided to take advantage of the rides and experiences at Magic Kingdom and nurse her as we went about our day.

I’ve recorded my thoughts about some different rides, and if you’re hoping to take a trip to Disney in the future with a voracious nurser, I hope that this list helps you plan your day.

Pro Tip: If you’re thinking of nursing in Magic Kingdom, I recommend taking a lightweight, breathable muslin blanket with you for coverage. If you can find a breastfeeding shirt, those are amazing for some extra coverage, but a tank top under any shirt works just as well. You won’t want a lot of heavy fabric draped over you or baby in the heat.

Rides I Would Not Recommend for Breastfeeding

Astro Orbiter, Dumbo, Magic Carpets, Tea Party, Carousel: They’ll get you too dizzy. Unless you want to serve a milkshake instead, I wouldn’t recommend it.
Barnstormer, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain: Unfortunately, babies are not allowed on these rides for obvious reasons. But can you imagine the epic ride action shots?

A Guide to Feeding Your Voracious Boob Monster at Disney’s Magic Kingdom | Duluth MomRides I Recommend With Reservation

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin: If you have a little one who can hang on, this one might work for you. It’s a bonus if they can hold the little gun and get you some sweet, sweet points.
Haunted Mansion: This ride kind of worked. It was dark enough for her to get a good snack, but the steep angles made us both slide around a lot.
Pirates of the Caribbean: This one was okay, except we sat in the front and kept getting sprayed with water. It made concentration difficult for her. I also learned that my child does not like pirates.
Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor: I thought this ride would be a perfect fit. However, I wasn’t aware that they used a camera and bright lights to find people in the audience to riff on. Every time the lights swept the audience, Ruby would pop her head off exposing me. Luckily, I decided to take her out to the exit where it was quieter because not three seconds after I left the lights and camera went straight to my husband, the bald-headed guy in flannel. I would have for sure flashed several hundred people. So this one is only for people who really need a thrill ride.

Rides That Come Highly Recommended!

The Hall of Presidents: Breastfeeding AND a civics lesson? *chef’s kiss to the sky!* The comfortable seats, air conditioning, and quiet space puts this Magic Kingdom attraction at the top of my list.
Mickey’s Philharmagic: Again, comfortable seats and air-conditioning for the win. It’s a bit noisy, so if your little one is distracted easily you might be giving people a peep show.
PeopleMover: This one moves from inside to outside, so it’s not always the most comfortable. But the ride is long, there’s lots of room in each car, and the wait wasn’t extensive.
Carousel of Progress: This ride, while not very exciting, was by far my favorite. Quiet, dark, cool, and comfortable, Ruby nursed and fell asleep immediately. It was basically empty, so we had lots of privacy and space. Also, the ride is over 20 minutes long, so it was perfect for a nap! Ride it twice if you need to. I did.

A Guide to Feeding Your Voracious Boob Monster at Disney’s Magic Kingdom | Duluth Mom

Bonus! This last one is a not a ride, but a handy little spot we discovered that more breastfeeding moms should know about! Disney no longer allows smoking inside the park, but the old smoking area by Space Mountain was a hidden, tree covered alcove perfect for breastfeeding in a little peace. There were even fans blowing and umbrella cover for some heat relief.