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Tag: Toddlers

The Real Multiples Milestones

Milestones.  Rolling Over.  Crawling.  Walking.  Talking.  Firsts.  The feeling of pure joy when your baby coos for the first time.  The elation of being...

Letter to a Friend

Dear Momma Friend, I see you.  I see you when you compare yourself to others on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all the others.  My heart hurts...

Lessons About Grace from My Strong-Willed Child

I Am Always Pushing When my oldest daughter was being born, I remember thinking, "Why didn't we just get another puppy? I'm so tired and...

A Book Guide for Nurturing Compassion in Kids

Growing up, I was the kind of kid who was forever awkward, and definitely not in the Hollywood-perpetrated way in which a young girl...

My Treasure Hunting Two-Year Old

It was almost a year ago that we moved to the North Shore and started calling this place home. Over the course of the...

Poopy Pants and Popsicles: Maternity Leave 2.0

Hours of mindless Netflix binges and newborn snuggles filled most of my maternity leave days with baby number one. Of course there were the...

The Power of a Simple Smile to a Stranger

I recently went on a jungle excursion I like to refer to as "grocery shopping with small children." It was there, in Super One,...