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A Cut Above: Back to School Hair Tips

I work in a hair salon, and through the years, I've met many parents who ask questions about their kids’ hair, teenagers who ask...

Looking to the Future: My Birth Daughter is Graduating High School

My birth daughter graduates from high school in a week or so. The irony is that my second daughter is graduating from Kindergarten. It...

The Adoption Story Continues: A Reuniting of Birth-Daughter and Mother

Why can’t I see my sister? When can I see my sister next? Why doesn’t my sister live near us? These are just a...

Take a Drive: Have Hard Conversations in the Car

I remember thinking when my oldest was very little that I would never end up cringing at the hard conversations. I was determined to...

Five Things the Books Don’t Tell You About Raising Toddlers

The Terrible Twos. Threenagers. These stereotypical nicknames exist for toddlers for a reason, because let’s be real, Toddlers are a breed all their own!...

Dear Fourth Trimester Mama

Dear Fourth Trimester Mama, I see you. You are overcome by so much joy, yet so much grief. You delicately wear a new set of...

Overcoming Only Child Syndrome and Raising a Family of Three

I am an only child. Let me start by saying that I wouldn't change a thing.  But, let me explain to you a little about...