The Best Version of Myself: Feeling Like a Disney Princess for the Day


The Best Version of Myself: Feeling Like a Disney Princess for the Day | Duluth Moms Blog

As I write this, it’s a Monday. For me, Mondays are often both hard and dull. Getting back into the work week is challenging and my four-year-old daughter always battles me on going to daycare. But today was no ordinary Monday: for three glorious hours I was pampered and treated like a Disney princess.

First, a professional makeup artist and hairdresser did their magic, carefully curling my just-washed-and-dried (and a bit tangled) hair, then spritzing a tantalizing shine spray on my tendrils and finally combing the curls so they looked “timeless.” The makeup artist asked me what color of eyeshadow I like, what color of lipstick do I prefer, and lastly if I wanted fake eyelashes put on (yes!).

Then a pro photographer posed me like a model! We talked about if I liked a big toothy smile or just a smirk. I said I love my full smile. I used to have a space between my front teeth and since doing Invisalign I am no longer ashamed of my smile. I even confessed to her when I was younger I wanted to be model. She earnestly told me I was beautiful and also a natural at modeling. Hearing someone call me “beautiful” is something this guilt-ridden, humble, Midwesterner has a hard time listening to.

My Time to Shine

If you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering about now what’s the reason for this adult glamour shots session? I needed some new professional headshots. My company is undergoing a lot of change and I wanted to make sure I was putting my best foot forward in my career. It’s also been 5+ years since I’ve had a professional headshot taken. Sounds about the right time to do this? Yes it was, without a doubt.

The Best Version of Myself: Feeling Like a Disney Princess for the Day | Duluth Moms Blog
Photo by Ashley Lindsey Photography

Going into this photoshoot was very emotional for me though. On one hand, I felt ultra guilty for not bringing my family. It’s been over a year since we’ve had professional family pictures and I was selfishly getting my photograph taken alone. But, on the other hand I was overjoyed because who doesn’t like to be pampered and feel like Tyra Banks for the day.

Despite my guilt, on the day of my photo session, I truly felt like the best version of myself (professionally and personally). I was open with the photographer about my professional career aspirations, what styles of clothing and makeup I preferred, as well as my personal experience living in Duluth. Not sure if anything (not even DisneyWorld) can top that!

You’ve had those days, right? Where you feel like nothing can be better than this. Your baby smiled at you for the first time, you went on that girl’s trip to Vegas, etc. You know what I’m talking about. Well, this was one of those days. If you ever have the opportunity to have a professional to take your photograph alone, jump at the chance. You will never regret it, mama. Every mother deserves to be pampered and feel like a Disney Princess for the day!