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I had always wanted a little girl. I remember being pregnant with my first child and hoping and wishing for “it” to be a girl. My doctor didn’t believe in ultrasounds so I never had one with that pregnancy. It wasn’t even an option for me. So I had to wait. My mom bought the cutest little dress and bonnet, and I could not wait to dress her up in it. I dreamed about having a sweet little girl who would wear pink dresses and her hair in little pigtails.

Then the day finally came and I heard those three little words, “It’s a BOY!” A boy. I have a boy. I really wanted a girl, but was so in love the second I saw him, I immediately forgot all about wishing for a girl. Fast forward eight years through a divorce, being a single mom raising my little boy on my own, then onto a new, happy marriage, and now pregnant with my second child. I thought for sure this one would be a girl. Ultrasound day came and I could not wait! I remember laying there thinking please let this one be a girl. Nope. Another boy. Still very happy that we were blessed with a baby and that he was healthy, but a very slight disappointment that I was not going to get my girl.

I moved on very quickly. I could not change this and again we were so happy and excited for this little guy to join our family. After Nicholas joined us and we we’re a happy family of four, my husband was pretty sure he was done, no more kids, two was enough. I, however, was not so sure and Nicholas was still just a baby. So I didn’t really think much more about it and was enjoying getting to know my new little boy. When he was nine months old, I remember not feeling very well and then the thought crossed my mind. Nooo… I couldn’t be. Nicholas is only nine months old. It took a year to conceive him. Nope, not pregnant. But I was. Imagine our surprise.

Now my first thoughts were not, “I hope this one is a girl!” My thoughts were, “How am I going to do this? They will only be 18 months apart, two in diapers, what about work, my brothers wedding, a trip I won for work will be the same month as my due date.” Yup I freaked. Then I calmed down and realized how excited I was. I was getting my third baby. This was my chance. For sure THIS ONE would be my little girl. I was convinced. I had dreams about having a girl and everyone told me they were sure I looked like I was carrying a girl. No doubt about it, this was it. My little girl who would have two big brothers to take care of her. I could not wait for ultrasound day.

The day was here and I knew I was going to know for sure that I was having a girl. But the baby was not playing fair and the doctors couldn’t give definite boy or girl, however she thought maybe she saw something and was guessing boy. A tiny single tear rolled down my cheek. I knew then she was right, he was for sure a boy. I would never get my girl because I knew that he was for sure our last baby. I am going to be that mom that has three boys. I thought everyone needed to have at least one girl. I remember knowing other moms of all boys and I would feel so bad that she never got to have a girl. I just assumed that everyone would want to have a girl. Why wouldn’t you? I quickly got over it though, knowing once again, I can’t change it and I was lucky enough to be able to have a healthy baby. This is just the plan for us, everything happens for a reason.

It turns out boys are funny little creatures, however they think things, like farts, are funny. I have just had to accept that and laugh along with them. They are also little dare devils, jumping off the furniture, climbing up onto the roof of their fort and anything else that they can climb up. I swear one of them gives me a heart attack daily! Boys are also messy. So very messy, but I am not the mom that will always clean up after them. They have learned to clean up after themselves now that they are old enough.

Now I am trying to make sure to raise good little men. I teach them how to help out around the house, we all have chores and they do not get paid to do them. I am teaching them how to help out in the home they live in. I want them to be good husbands someday. I have a husband who helps out with everything from cooking to laundry and all the stuff in between. I appreciate that and I want my boys to be the same way when they are adults! I am teaching them to be kind to others, never judge anyone and always stand up for themselves and others who may be unable to do so. We do random acts of kindness together so that they can see how great helping others is especially in this world. Kindness matters. 

Mom To All Boys | Duluth Moms Blog

Turns out being a mom to three boys is pretty great! They are kind, sweet and helpful boys, and my youngest is crafty and creative just like me and his dad. I say he’s a great mix of both of us. He sews, likes to build things, works on race cars, and is always helping me out in the craft room. They are funny and always make me laugh. My middle guy is the one who likes to play games all day, that is if I were to allow that to happen. I don’t. They get two hours of total screen time per day. If they want more, they must earn it. I swear Nicholas will do anything to earn screen time. My oldest now lives with his girlfriend and they have an apartment together. He is a kind and sweet boy, and I truly hope the things I taught him have stuck with him as an adult now that he is on his own.

I am truly blessed to be the mom of these three great boys. I kind of got my girls… I have nieces! The next best thing!

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