Dear Baby: A Letter to My Unborn Child


Dear Baby,

You’ve been growing in my womb now for over 30 weeks now. It seems like forever ago that I took that positive pregnancy test and started noticing my growing belly. Now the third trimester is here and the end of this pregnancy is in sight! And while your due date is so close, it seems like we still have forever to go…

Just when I’m sure that you’ve grown as much as is physically possible, each week my belly gets bigger. And while I know that means you are growing and developing (as you should be!) I can tell you it’s not exactly comfortable for me. You better believe I’ve mastered the pregnant waddle, walking normally is so overrated. I definitely should have dressed up as a penguin for Halloween this year. I’ve also reached the point in this pregnancy where even my maternity clothes don’t always cover my growing belly (aka your growing home). There is nothing quite like the feeling that comes with outgrowing maternity clothes. As a mama with a short torso the only way for this belly to grow is OUT. Which makes it hard to miss and hard to cover. This direction of growth also makes seeing my toes nearly impossible these days.

If I had to guess, I’d say you are having a fun time in there. It’s hard to tell if you are doing gymnastics on my bladder or just practicing some crazy dance moves, but you sure are active! Don’t worry, most of the time I love the reminder that there is a little active life inside of me. But is 2am really the best time for your dance parties? Not complaining, just trying to give a helpful suggestion. Growing a tiny human is pretty exhausting, so I ‘m trying to get as much sleep as I can before you come. But some nights you sure do make that quite the challenge!

Speaking of challenges, I do hope you don’t grow up to be a picky eater. Because now I seem to get a craving for some type of food and then after I’ve eaten that food I get the most terrible heartburn. Even the most normal foods cause me to have awful heartburn. And if all of these foods bother you once you are born, boy we sure are in for some struggles! Let’s just hope this is a short phase and not an indicator of the future.

Pregnancy isn’t all about the glow and cute baby bump, it’s hard. It’s long. And not always enjoyable. So much of my life is different, like breathing, walking, peeing, and sleeping. But honestly baby, all the heartburn, sleepless nights, and discomfort will be worth it to soon hold you and see your precious face. I’m glad I could provide your first home and provide a safe environment for you for 40 weeks. Just hurry up and get here, ok? Of course I want you to take your time growing as much as you need to, but don’t make us wait too long. Your Daddy and I are so excited to hold you, love you, and meet you. And I’ll gladly trade the challenges of pregnancy for the challenges of having a newborn.

Until we meet (hopefully soon!),

Love, Your Mama

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