Motherhood: Little Training, Lots of Super Powers


Motherhood: Little Training, Lots of Super Powers | Duluth Moms Blog

Back before I had a kid, I stood in awe of people who had them. Especially babies. How did new parents know how to take care of these fragile bundles of joy? Save for the obligatory birthing class, there didn’t appear to be any standard course on raising children that “everyone” took. It was like they had super powers.

When I discovered I was pregnant, I began to be afraid. I pretty much knew nothing about taking care of a baby or raising a child. Compared to some women, I didn’t have that much experience with babysitting. How was I going to know how to do everything? How does breastfeeding work? What about bathing them? How do you put clothes on them? How do you know if they are sick? When they cry, how do you know what to do to get them to stop? How can my husband deal with a poopy diaper without gagging? Along with a million other questions.

How did I end up get through all it? With a lot of help from those who already had been crowned “mother” along with several super powers that are bestowed upon mothers after birthing their first child.

Caring for a Newborn: First-time moms have a treasure trove of resources to learn everything they need to know about caring for their newborn. From nurses, doulas and midwives to county public health nurses, from your mom and friends with kids to the Duluth Moms Blog Community + Conversation Facebook group, new moms are wrapped in a comforting circle of women who want to help you and your baby get off to a great start. It’s what we do.

Books can be another great resource. When I had my daughter, I happily discovered that the “fourth trimester”, when the baby sleeps all the time, is actually a thing, so I had time to catch up on everything I didn’t know about taking care of a baby by reading “What To Expect The First Year” and “The Happiest Baby on the Block” along with other helpful books.

But despite all the books, professional help and advice from other moms, there comes a time in every mom’s life when we are on our own. Thankfully, we are able to handle these situations due to the following super powers every mother is granted once their first child is born:

Mrs. Make it All Better: From teething to a bruised ego to a broken heart, there is nothing that a good old snuggle with mom, preferably in our favorite chair under our favorite blanket, can’t cure. Bonus points for a sweet song or story.

Dr. Mom: What kid hasn’t pulled the “I’m sick” routine to get out of going to school? Staying home is a great gig after all. You get all the TV and attention from mom or dad you want! It took some trial and error for me to get this right, but I learned over the years that when my daughter’s normal bouncy, bubbly personality disappears, she’s sick. Other reasons to stay home include vomiting/diarrhea, fever or phlegmy cough.

Motherhood: Little Training, Lots of Super Powers | Duluth Moms Blog

The Quick-Draw Fashion Designer: No one but a mother can pull together an outfit and whip out a french braid in less than 5 minutes.

A Walking, Talking Lie Detector: You’ve got to hand it to kids. While they are moving through the process of figuring out right from wrong, they’re going to test the waters: A stretched truth here, an innocent lie there, with a few whoppers thrown in for good measure. But when you combine some keen observation skills with our built-in lie detector, we can usually see through all the baloney. Lack of eye contact, eyes moving to the right, and fidgeting are all good signs. I’ve come to learn there is also a certain look a child has on their face when they have strayed from the truth. Sort of like the look they had when they were filling their diaper as toddlers. 

The It’s-Too-Quiet Alarm: When it’s been more than a few minutes since you heard “Mom”, you know something’s up. Let’s just hope it doesn’t involve markers, make-up and your new couch.

Eyes in the Back of Our Heads: I know it can be hard to see them, but they’re there. Comes in handy when you’re being mocked or when they continue to do what you just told them not to.

The Entertainer: No two words in the English language strike more fear in the heart of a mom than “I’m bored.” But there are also no two words that can spring us into action more quickly. From craft projects to playing a game to assigning a chore, we are never at a loss for coming up with something for the kids to do. But when all else fails, just get them a puppy!

The Multi-Tasker: Who can carry on a phone conversation, correct their child for interrupting their phone conversation, wash dishes, make dinner, create a shopping list, mediate a fight and check homework, all at the same time? You’ve got it – a mom.

So, what are your super powers, mom? I know some of us have more than others. I missed out on the “Magic Chef” and “Make a Craft Out of Anything” powers. I stand in awe of those who have the “I Have 3 (or 4 or 5 or 6) Children and Never Break a Sweat” power. But regardless of how many powers we have, one fact remains: moms are pretty darn amazing!

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