Mom Fantasies: Back to School Edition


This is a big year for me and my household. I have a stepson who is completing his final year in high school and next year will be playing college football and leaving the nest. I also have both daughters enrolled in full time pre school. Oh, and we are getting a puppy, which might be used slightly as a filler for my anticipated empty nest syndrome which I am sure will dissipate after a few days of partial freedom from my kids. To the moms who are crying after you drop off your kids, I get it, I might too. To the moms who are saying “You’re going to miss these days when they’re little,” I’m sure I will. Right now I miss showering my entire body and having complete thoughts. It’s a bittersweet time but my fantasy outweighs my sadness. 

Mom Fantasies: Back to School Edition | Duluth Moms Blog{ Photo Credit: Amanda Jean Photography }

I picture moms everywhere, on the first day of school… waking up early because you’re too excited to sleep. The crisp morning air, brand new school supplies and clothes that you’ve hidden from your kids for the past weeks to keep them nice and new. Their lunches were packed with care the night before because you’re going to be organized this year. They might even include love notes with special stickers, because you’re also going to be THAT mom and go the extra mile. You take their first day of school picture and send them on their way with a hug and a promise of cookies after school, because, now you’ll have time to bake! Ah yes, the promise that fall brings. 

You might shed a tear, you might let out a little victory scream when the house is empty and… quiet. You will by now have your day all planned out. First, a hot cup of coffee and a book, a nice walk outside with the dog followed by a hot shower uninterrupted by the usual “MOM CAN YOU WIPE ME?”  You might even decide to shave both legs… to the top! (But then you remember it’s fall and now that’s off your plate too). You won’t need to clean as much because your house won’t be getting messed up every 5 minutes. You might decide to watch a movie with NO cartoon characters in it. You might decide to put some actual grown up clothes on and look like a rockstar come pick up time! ‘No more Pj’s past noon’ is my new motto! 

You can finally get back to your hobbies. I’m going to re-learn how to knit! I’m going to go to yoga! I’m going to get waxed again! I’m going to Target all by myself!! That’s a hobby right? And going to stores that don’t have carts… do they still exist? I haven’t been to Sephora FOREVER. Bring my two little girls in there? That’s a no. I tried it once and I had a premenopausal hot flash while my oldest daughter tried to steal two lip glosses and looked like she’d been madeover by a french madam (that of course my child did herself in the two seconds she was out of my sight). Also going on the list are antique stores. Breakables and crowded aisles galore. That reminds me, I want to revamp my house! I’m going to clear out the clutter and really add some fun accents! Maybe some new paint… I watch Fixer Upper, I mean, I can so do this especially with no interruptions! I’m going to start a book club! Or join one! Maybe I’ll even WRITE one?! And have lunch with the girls once a week, and surprise my husband at the office with coffee! His office needs a new plant. I can redo his office too! I can’t wait to get on my Pinterest boards and start pinning! I can reorganize my Pinterest boards! I still have baby food ideas on there that I never used. Another thing I’ve been neglecting is my love of music! At first my girls loved listening to “my music” with me. That was short lived. Definitely putting that on my list. 

Woah. Slow down. Back to reality. All of a sudden it’s 1pm and you realize the laundry has to be done and you need to figure out dinner. You decide to call your friend instead. When was the last time you had a peaceful phone call? When did you even have time to make one? This lasts for about forty-five minutes because there’s a lot to say. Before you know it it’s 2pm and you need to bake those cookies you promised your kids you’d bake (because of all the time you have). You clean up after yourself, take the dog for another walk, get the kids dance outfits packed, put on some lipstick and head out the door to go pick up the kids. I can’t wait to hear about their day and about their new friends and what they did and who they sat by at lunch. I can’t wait to see them light up when they see me and take a cookie and get crumbs all over because they’re talking with their mouths full.

I can’t wait to have a little bit more patience because I know I’ll be getting some much needed alone time to recharge and be a better mom, wife, friend, and daughter. I know the years go fast and I feel so fortunate to be a mom and to be able to be with them when they get home from school. I will not feel guilty, even though I do a little, and I’m currently writing this filled with anxiety, because as much as I’m excited to have free time, they will never be babies again and I know they grow up too fast. It’s ok to want to focus on myself again, even if it’s just for a few hours a day. 

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I'm Kati Annis and I moved to Duluth ten years ago, after graduating from the Aveda Institute of Cosmetology in Minneapolis. Originally from Bemidji, I always loved visiting Duluth and I knew I wanted to end up here. I met my husband Brian at the first salon I worked at while I was cutting his son Caleb's hair. Brian and I have been married for nine years, and we now have a family of five, going on six! Caleb is a freshman at the University of Sioux Falls where he is playing football and learning a lot.I have two daughters, Grace and Elin who both attend Many Rivers Montessori and both love dancing with the Minnesota Ballet. I am a stay at home mom with another baby on the way! Most of my favorite hobbies are not outdoorsy ones, but we all can't be Annie Oakley. I'm so excited to share my mommy-wife-life perspective with this great community of women.