Have You Laughed Until You Have Peed Your Pants? You Should!


When times are stressful and the last thing you want to do is try to find humor, you should look a little harder for it. Lately, I have found myself exhausted with the long days, frustrated with the inability to go to our favorite places, and honestly overwhelmed with the number of projects I have found that need to be completed in my house. I also happen to be married to a “funny guy” and my hubby tries to use humor to alleviate my stress. A lot of the time, it makes me more irritable. He really does mean well and he is just trying to make me laugh.

But if I’m honest, it’s after he actually does make me laugh that I realize just how much I needed it!

Have You Laughed Until You Have Peed Your Pants? You Should! | Duluth Moms Blog
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The laugh is never from when he tries to be funny

One quarantined night after the kiddo had gone to bed, I decided to clean out our refrigerator. We have a small refrigerator because of the very specific space in our kitchen made for one. I am often one Tetris Tupperware fall away from many things crashing out of it. Garbage day wasn’t the next day, no visitors were coming, no extra food was going in but I had a bee in my bonnet to clean it – there was no turning back.

I was throwing out questionable leftovers, the nearly empty bottles of condiments, and things that I determined we were never going to eat. My wonderful husband decided to help and be a voice of reason during my purge. I came across a carton of chai tea concentrate that I picked up on a sale rack. I have tried to prepare it a few ways and haven’t found a way I liked it. This was an easy purge, I wouldn’t miss the couple of bucks I spent on it and it wasn’t worth a third try. I handed it to my husband who said, “what’s wrong with this?” I replied, “I don’t like it, pour it out, and put the carton in recycling.” I then turned back to the fridge to keep cleaning.

I didn’t see what was coming next

Never in my life have I wanted to smell something when someone says “ew” or “smell this”. Never in my life have I wanted to try anything that another person has deemed suspect. So I never would have assumed that the man I have been married to for nearly half a decade would open the carton I said to throw out and take a swig of it. I know what you’re thinking right now: isn’t chai tea mix usually a concentrate that you dilute with milk or water? Ding, ding, ding, you’d be correct!

As I turned to look at my husband, I see him, head back, mouth on the carton taking not a sip but a big ol’ gulp of the mix. It felt like minutes but it was just a second later that his curiosity turned to horror as he bent over the sink trying to spit out what ever was left in his mouth. He was gasping for air as he turned on the faucet to try and rinse the syrupy mixture dripping from his chin, attempting to vacate the terrible taste.

Have You Laughed Until You Have Peed Your Pants? You Should! | Duluth Moms Blog

I couldn’t breathe

I stood there, holding on to the stove, legs crossed, doubled over in laughter. I was so focused on cleaning, it didn’t click that I hadn’t heard him pouring it out straight away; it didn’t click that he might be interested in what this was. I simply never saw this situation coming. He was mortified by the taste and all I could do was laugh, and laugh hard. I couldn’t breathe, tears rolled down my cheeks and I squeezed my legs tighter suddenly realizing I hadn’t gone to the bathroom in a while. My husband was still wretched over the sink in misery and the vision of turning around to see him drinking this concentrate hit me over and over and I couldn’t stop laughing.

I won’t lie to you, I peed a little, right in my pants. I didn’t care. My situation gave my husband the same laugh that I’d had at his expense, and you know what? It felt great! We sat on the floor in the kitchen and just laughed. We put most things back in the fridge and we went to clean ourselves up.

It isn’t often the occasions we are trying to make humor that something really funny happens; it comes from the unexpected. You have to be open to finding those moments and seeing them for what they truly are. I share this ridiculous tale to say, in these stressful times, don’t be afraid to laugh. Try to find the funny moments during the day, and if you pee your pants in the process, more power to you!