Back to School: FREE Printables


There can be a wide range of emotions when August rolls around and the first day of school is within reach. Maybe you are eager to send your kids back to school get back into the school year schedule. Or maybe you are not excited to say goodbye to summer and hello to homework. No matter where you fall on that spectrum (which could vary from day to day), the first day of school is coming. Backpacks will need to be packed, forms filled out, and school shopping completed. It can all be rather hectic, we get it!

We have put together two free printables for you to use to help you feel on top of your game this year. We know that it can be near impossible to really do all the things, so let us help you! We got your back mama!

The first printable is a fun tool to help you savor and celebrate the first day of school. Fill out the printable with your child to remember this season in your child’s life. It’s tempting to think we will remember all the little things our children say and do, but let’s be honest our brains have too much information in them already! Download and print here.


The second printable is one to bring to school to have your child’s teacher fill out. We can all agree that teachers are basically superheroes and they deserve some appreciation. Print this printable and have your child’s teacher fill it out to tell you some of their favorite things. Download and print here.

Back to School: FREE Printables | Duluth Moms Blog


We hope that these free printables can help ease even just a little bit of stress this season. Even in the busy, and the chaos, try to enjoy the moments. If you use either one of our printables please share a picture with us and tag @duluthmoms or use #duluthmama.