5 Reasons Why Motherhood Is Like Survivor


5 Reasons Why Motherhood Is Like Survivor | Duluth Moms Blog

I watch the TV show “Survivor” with my husband. It’s not my favorite, but hey, he watches the Bachelor with me. With that being said, I would’t want to be a contestant on either show – yikes! However, Survivor does remind me a lot of being a mom. 

5. Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

When raising children one must always outwit, outplay, and outlast at some point in the day. After all, aren’t our kids constantly pushing limits?  Asking of one parent what they couldn’t get out of the first parent? Scheming with their siblings? Being dramatic to get their way? It’s hard to not give in as a parent. So hard. Especially after you just sat down to have a hot cup of coffee and they ask for the 204th time if they can have ice cream for breakfast. They will catch you sometimes at your most vulnerable and most exhausted point and BAM! You remind yourself not to show your weaknesses even though you are tired, hungry,( a little smelly), and under caffeinated. Hopefully your tribe will not vote you out. 

4. Shelter, Fire and Water. Gee, what to do first?

Groceries. Dishes. Always laundry. Putting the laundry away. Figure out where the milk, (now sour milk) smell is under the couch, the car, the playroom. Find the last pacifier. Seriously, where is that thing? Can’t they sell these in bulk at Sams Club? Do a craft. Clean up the craft… and the kids. Get outside. Apply sunscreen, check for ticks. Buy bandaids (the princess ones). Pack snacks and drinks and extra pants and diapers. Figure out how to get three kids to three different locations at the same time. Put on deodorant. Give the kids a bath. Pack a lunch that’s healthy and dairy and gluten and peanut free and hope they eat it. Buy dry shampoo (again in bulk would be great) milk, mac ‘n cheese, wine, popcicles, salami, wine!!! Clean the house. Clean one room. This is survival mode.

3. Survivor Challenges, (we’ve got this)

Ok ok, so we may not be standing on one leg, while balancing a ball on our heads, in hopes of earning some grand Survivor feast… but somedays it feels like that times 20. And don’t worry moms, there are challenges for all ages of children! And you might have all ages at once. Infant Challenge: breast feed while working, trying to feed yourself, and entertaining a busy toddler at the same time, while not getting spit up on your new sweater. Toddler challenge: 24 hours with a toddler is challenge enough. The busy elementary challenge: Sports, snacks, music, carpools, doctor appointments (because the never have all of their shots when you need them to) oh and during that you are also entertaining and carrying a hot toddler and changing diapers in the trunk of your SUV that is covered in goldfish crumbs and juice boxes. The Teenage Challenge: Telling them to clean up their room before a new form of penicillin starts growing. “Ugh, like really? Do I like HAVE to? OMG can I have $20?” Eye roll after eye roll and do NOT eye roll back (it’s impossible).

2.Tribal Council Meeting

This is where moms lose it and ask that every member of the household help her, or else one of you will be OUT! (jk). Your family might be blindsided by this outburst and wonder why they haven’t helped out sooner. They probably thought you had it all under control because… you’re just that good. Your partner might suggest a babysitter, maybe a spa day, or offer to cook dinner (and clean up). These meetings are very important and generally cannot be avoided in my experience, or someone will be going to their room… and hopefully its mom. 

1. One Million Dollars 

It’s been said before by other moms, but if I could give every mom of babies, toddlers, teens and all in between a hug, a coffee, ears to vent to about your crazy hectic day… I would, and it would still not be enough. You are in the thick of this hood we call parenthood and it’s work and it’s love and it’s  sometimes surviving until you can catch your breath. There is no million dollar prize and you might not get that shower when you wanted, or a hot meal. You might feel like you don’t have a single ally on your side and maybe you feel like quitting. Don’t! The viewers are tuned in (your kids in this case) and they are loving you through it all. The big prize comes in a million small and big packages and they’re all worth it, from the pictures they draw for you, to the flowers they pick for you. When they try to clean up after themselves and make a bigger mess in the process or tell you they love you more than all the candy in the candy stores. Take this on your “survivor days” and you’ll be a winner, I promise.

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