10 Tips for Fall Decorating!


I’ll admit, Fall is my favorite time of the year and my second favorite season to decorate for. Christmas takes the cake on that one! I have a lot of decor for each season, some I buy some I DIY!

Here are my top 10 tips for fall decorating! 


10 Tips for Fall Decorating! | Duluth Moms Blog 

  1. Buy items that are timeless. For fall decorating I love to buy things that can be used for years to come. I try to purchase things that feel a bit more timeless and less “trendy”. I will buy things like pumpkins that work well for fall and halloween and they never go out of style. 
  2. Start with Fall Decor, add in Halloween. I like to decorate for fall by Sept. 1 and then add in Halloween themed items on October 1. I use items that can easily mix and match so that I don’t feel like I have to take fall down, I just add in a few witches and skeletons in October. 
  3. Be Creative! Did you find a wreath you love but it didn’t fit into your budget? Make one! You can find a tutorial for almost anything now on Pinterest. I have DIY’d several things for my home all inspired by something I saw somewhere. Usually online or in a magazine.
  4. Involve your kids! Kids love to help decorate. I am a mom to boys so we tend to get a little scary on Halloween. This year will be all about the skeletons. But no matter what I am doing they love to be involved, so plan a day and time to let the kids get a little creative with home decor too!
  5. Shop after the season is over. I also love a great deal! I find some of my best purchases have been made the day after a holiday. I love to stock up for next year. I have color coordinated bins for each season and after I am done with my shopping extravaganza I come home and add it to the bins! It’s also a super fun surprise for the next year. I always forget about what I purchased! 
  6. Spray paint is your friend. I have come across items over the years that I no longer love the color of, or I simply want to change my theme. Enter spray paint! It’s a quick and inexpensive way to change up your existing decor and give it a whole new look! Last fall I wanted some rose gold pumpkins and didn’t want to buy new ones, so I simply painted what I had!10 Tips for Fall Decorating! | Duluth Moms Blog
  7. Shop your home. Another thing I will often do is to shop my own home. I walk around and take things from different rooms and give them new life by putting them with different pieces. I rearrange shelves, bring in rustic items from outside. We have to put the years decor away anyway at this point so why not incorporate that cute birdhouse or rustic chair into your fall decorating! 
  8. Shop handmade. Some of my favorite pieces are from handmade shops. I always find the local craft shows & art fairs and buy local when I can. I also love to find other makers on Instagram. I have bought some of the best pieces that way! The pumpkin & happy halloween sign both came from someone I found on Instagram. 10 Tips for Fall Decorating! | Duluth Moms Blog
  9. Use items found in nature. Do you know someone with a corn field, get some corn stalks! My favorite natural items to use are corn stalks, hay bales, cat tails, and real pumpkins! They can all be rather inexpensive and sometimes free depending where you get them! 
  10. Build your collection up over the years! If you are just starting out it’s ok to start small. You will find that over time you can build up your collection of holiday decor as you see a piece you love, diy a few things, and buy on sale. Before you know it, you will be like me and have an entire closet dedicated to Christmas! 

I hope this post helped you find your fall inspiration! What are your favorite tips for fall decorating? Please share in the comments! 


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