Climb to the Top with Vertical Endeavors

We have partnered with Vertical Endeavors to bring you a first-hand experience of a few of the fabulous programs they offer. While this post is sponsored, all opinions are 100% our own!

Climb to the Top with Vertical Endeavors | Duluth Moms Blog

When my oldest daughter was born and threw me headfirst into my new role as a mother, we had our challenging days. They often included bouts of colic, sleep refusal… the usual.

One particular afternoon stands apart. I was washing lunch dishes in the kitchen while she was watching Sesame Street on the couch in the living room. My demure little toddler, sitting sweetly and counting with Elmo in one moment, took a nose dive off the couch in the next. She hit her noggin on her way down and I will never forget her wail for as long as I live. We spent the rest of the day in Urgent Care where she received four staples in her scalp.

Still, as far as daredevils go, I lucked out. My daughter grew into a cautious kid and, while she can certainly be seen climbing into the upper echelons of playground equipment with the other kids, she maintains a healthy respect for heights and the limitations of her gross motor skills.

Which means, of course, that my second daughter came out her polar opposite. She was climbing before she was crawling and she knows no fear of physical boundaries. We’ve had no real calamities yet, but that’s because I tape her into a suit of bubble wrap every day.

Climb to the Top with Vertical Endeavors | Duluth Moms Blog

Boost Confidence and Channel Energy with Vertical Endeavors

As both of my girls grow older and learn new hobbies, I hope to include a sport like climbing into the mix. I mean, it seems crazy that a mom would want to encourage her kids to develop a taste for an extreme sport, but the Northshore is a great place to climb, especially with a resource like Vertical Endeavors at our fingertips.

Vertical Endeavors, a leader in the rock climbing industry since 1992, has a large Duluth facility packed with climbing walls and knowledgeable staff and instructors in Canal Park. Kids and teens are introduced to the sport through lessons, camps, and climb clubs.

All kids can benefit from learning a new set of athletic skills. My oldest, the cautious one, will learn confidence in her physical abilities and be able to take pride in her accomplishments; there’s no greater feeling than reaching the top of a mountain both literally and figuratively! My younger daughter, the daredevil, will have a way to channel her energy and focus her thrill-seeking ways into a sport that demands safety vigilance, strength, and problem-solving skills in the face of adrenaline-pumping challenges.

Climb to the Top with Vertical Endeavors | Duluth Moms Blog

Programs for All Levels of Ability

I love that Vertical Endeavors caters to kid climbers of all ages and skill levels. The Base Club is comprised of children as young as 6 who are ready to learn the fundamentals of climbing. From there, intermediate and advanced climbers can practice advanced techniques on indoor rock walls and even outdoors, exploring the nooks, crannies, and cliffs of the Northshore. Climbers are always supported by safety equipment and experienced instructors.

And moms, I know how it goes. As soon as you pony up the cash for club fees or lessons, your kids decided that they’re just not into dance/martial arts/climbing/scouts anymore. No worries! Vertical Endeavors offers day passes–an affordable way to make sure the new hobby is going to stick before you enroll them in a more rigorous club or lesson commitment level.

Climb to the Top with Vertical Endeavors | Duluth Moms Blog

Learn a New Sport

Don’t let your kids have all the fun. I know you’ve been meaning to “get more involved” and “exercise more” and “find a new hobby that isn’t eating fistfuls of Oreos in secret from your children” because these are things I say to myself all the time, too.

Vertical Endeavors has an Adult Climb League so you can take a turn feeling the adrenaline rush. Sign up individually or in a team of 4 (for some serious mom friend-bonding time or double date nights). Climbers earn points for prizes that are handed out at the end of the six-week league session.

Of course, if you prefer to begin with the basics, stick with lessons or day pass packages. Once the whole family is hooked, make sure you sign up for an annual membership so you can climb as often as you please.

To start off your new obsession as a new climber, attend one of Vertical Endeavors On the House evenings. Show up at 6 pm on the first Wednesday of the new month and received a free day pass and equipment rental. Sign a waiver, listen to a short orientation, and enjoy exploring the boulders and walls. I’ll see you at the top!