Summer Isn’t Over Yet


Summer Isn’t Over Yet | Duluth Mom

A lightning strike of shock hit me hard as I gazed upon what looked like a ghost standing in front of me; this stranger’s calves and arms were so white, they looked nearly transparent! This happened just a few days ago when my daughter and I were visiting a local park to do some hiking and swimming.

My exact thoughts were, “Has he not been outside all summer? Doesn’t he know it’s okay to wear shorts?” I won’t beat a dead horse here (Sorry, just had to get that last pun in), but seriously: get out and enjoy the sun while we’ve got it! We live in the coldest of coldest climates in the lower 48. Please, get outside and soak in the warm days of summer while you can. 

Good, Bad, and Connected

You know as well as I do that once the cool winds start to blow, there is no stopping the onset of autumn and the inevitable frozen tundra of winter. I’m not saying that frozen is bad or good—that’s up to you to decide. 

I don’t believe anything is really good or bad, but is defined by how it’s used or interpreted. My daughter the other day asked me, “Is that plant bad?” I wasn’t sure what she meant—like poisonous? Then I proceeded to converse with her about how nothing on earth is really good or bad; we place our own labels on things, places, or events, thus defining its worth or moral value. 

Everything in nature has its place and serves a purpose. In fact, that brings me to you! You should also know that nothing that’s happened to you today or in the past defines you—you define who you are. Not one person or external influence can dictate that precious soul of yours. You are enough and worthy just as you are right now in this present moment.

Bask in the warmth of the fleeting summer sun; you deserve to feel whole and connected to the world around you.

Summer Isn’t Over Yet | Duluth MomYou Are Worth It

You are worth spending that extra 30 minutes soaking in the warm and toasty, sunshine of summer… while your kids use their screen time. 

You are worth drinking an extra cold, sparkling water with freshly sliced lemon… after pouring yet another glass of milk for the kids. 

You are worth spending a few minutes to paint your nails a sunshine-y shade, and for goodness sake letting it dry… without a kid needing to sit on your lap or take up your space while your the polish hardens. 

You are worth asking your neighbor to keep an eye on your kid(s) so you can go on that summer bike ride… while who knows what they’re doing, but you don’t care because you’re not there!

Let no one tell you otherwise… not your husband, not your closest friends and not your family. You are worth it—as L’Oreal likes to tell us.

So, as we near the end of the sunny season—what’s on your summer checklist that didn’t get checked off? Perhaps a quick road trip or camping excursion? A girl’s night out on a restaurant patio? Schedule it in my friend, you will thank me later.