{Sponsored Post} Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Banish Head Lice with The Lice Lounge

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It happened. Just last week. My preschool-aged daughter came home with a backpack full of glitter crafts, summer soccer sign ups, and the thing every mother dreads the most: a letter from the school nurse warning parents that cases of head lice had been found within the school population.

{Sponsored Post} Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Banish Head Lice with The Lice Lounge | Duluth Moms Blog

Perhaps you’re an old pro at this by now. Your kids have been ‘round the old school block long enough that you take the information in stride. You know how to do a quick head check, or have a special linen closet storage bin full of delousing items that you can reach for if needed.

Me? This is my first head lice rodeo. I went straight to Target to buy an entire line of tea tree oil-based shampoos, conditioners, and sprays that reportedly repels lice. Then, for good measure, I ordered a second brand from Amazon and had that Primed right to my doorstep two days later. It may sound extreme, but I remember my mother’s fool-proof way to keep the lice away. She would expertly French braid my long hair each morning before school. By the time I got home, my temples were aching from the tightness of the braid.

But it always seemed to work!

Unfortunately, I am a dunce when it comes to braiding hair. If I manage to gather most of my girls’ locks into ponytails that don’t have lumps or lopsidedness, I consider it a success. French braids? Tight buns? Those are not happening no matter how many YouTube tutorials I watch. The specialty shampoos are going to have to be enough.

If they aren’t, and if the worst case scenario happens, my plan of action is simple, thorough, and frustration-free. I’ll call The Lice Lounge. A glorious God-send to mothers and school communities in the Twin Cities for the last year and a half, The Lice Lounge Hair Care Center opened new doors in Duluth this past January. Their motto, “Relax, we’ll take it from here” is executed perfectly in all of the tiny details throughout their salon.

{Sponsored Post} Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Banish Head Lice with The Lice Lounge | Duluth Moms Blog

When you enter the easily accessible downtown location, you’re greeted by cheerful white walls, chic decor, and warm, professional staff. They aim to put your mind at ease and erase some the stress and stigma associated with head lice, because mama, you are doing a fantastic job with your kids; a round of head lice is not your fault, and it doesn’t need to be difficult or shameful to manage.

In fact, the lice treatment salon was started by two frustrated Minnesota moms, Jess and Kelly, who experienced the trials of removing nits and lice from the heads of their own children. Convinced there had to be a more effective way to tackle the job, they did their research and then they built their business to lessen the burden of head lice removal from the backs of fellow parents.

At The Lice Lounge, a technician does a head check to confirm the presence of lice, and when it’s time to send the little buggers packing, they perform the tried-and-true Shepherd Method of Strand by Strand Removal while using gentle, all-natural products on your children’s scalp and hair. They also make sure your wiggly kiddo is completely entertained by the salon’s plethora of kid-friendly books, movies, and tablet games.

See? How easy is that? Before you leave, you will have the opportunity to grab some of The Lice Lounge’s own line of natural products for in-home prevention and get expert directions on how to keep lice at bay. (I really ought to ditch the questionable ingredient products I bought and restock with The Lice Lounge’s expertly-crafted, natural formulas!)

{Sponsored Post} Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Banish Head Lice with The Lice Lounge | Duluth Moms Blog

I think my favorite part of The Lice Lounge’s mission is their commitment to treating the whole community. They run a Give Back Program that donates ten percent of your treatment costs to your school in the way of a reserve fund. The fund covers costs for families who can benefit from free services. When you work with The Lice Lounge, they take care of you, and in turn, you help them take care of others. Duluth has always embraced this neighborly philosophy, and we’re lucky we get to welcome The Lice Lounge into the fold.

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  1. I love the lice lounge. We had three heads treated in March. All the follow ups were so amazing as well. Now I feel like the staff and Kelly are our family friends. The information the provided was second to none. The shepherd method is so accurate and the free comb was absolutely awesome. I recommend them to anyone who goes through a lice infestation.

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