8 At-Home Self-Care Ideas to Stay Sane While Social Distancing


Hi, mamas! Are you hangin’ in there? I know so many of you are home with your kids all the time, and those of us who aren’t could all probably learn a thing or two from you right about now! If, like me, you’re used to working out of the home 40 hours per week with other adults (okay, I’ll be honest–as a teacher, I usually hang with 12-year-olds.), suddenly being in your home with nowhere to go and no one but your children to interact with can be a shock to the system!

You might also be trying to work from home while also making sure your kids get meals and survive in general. And let’s not even mention the fact that you’re being forced to assist with 6th grade math standards that you might not exactly remember how to do yourself! In other words, you’re not only trying to fit 40 hours of work into a short span of time, but you’re also practically homeschooling your kids and maybe even yourself while also trying to make sure everyone is fed and clean and not killing each other. Overwhelming doesn’t begin to describe it!

8 At-Home Self-Care Ideas to Stay Sane While Social Distancing | Duluth Moms Blog

Let’s get real: you need a break! Contrary to popular belief, you can’t do it all for everyone else while also meeting your own needs. It’s not possible. But with social distancing rules right now, it’s not like you can head out to the spa for a massage or spend an hour in your favorite coffee shop to get a break from the chaos. Staying at home as much as physically possible is key, so how are you supposed to do something for yourself in a confined space? I’ve got some at-home self-care ideas that will be the escape (sort of) you need.

8 At-Home Self-Care Ideas to Stay Sane While Social Distancing | Duluth Moms Blog

Self-Care Ritual Ideas

I’ve rounded up some great self-care rituals that you can do from the comfort of your own home. These ideas range from straightforward tasks to in-depth ideas that may take some learning and researching. Go at your own pace and do what makes you feel good. All of these can be modified to fit your life both before and after coronavirus quarantine!

  1. Exercise: Exercise is probably the most common of the self-care rituals. Sweat it out! This can be through going for a run, a walk, getting in some light stretching, watching a quick HIIT video on YouTube, or any type of activity that you love to do that gets your heart pumping or loosens up your muscles. My favorite is yoga!
  2. Journaling: This is something simple that anyone can do. Simply write out anything you want. You can do free journaling where you just write whatever is on your mind or you can opt for a guided journal. There are tons of options on Amazon so you can shop for the perfect one from the comfort of your own home.
  3. Meditation: Meditation is the act of clearing your mind and being in a state of focus. You are the conductor and get to choose what you focus your mind on. Perhaps the easiest way to start out is with mindfulness meditation. Simply set a timer and breathe in and out through your nose deeply, and as you breathe think “in” and “out” with your breath. You can think the literal words, or visualize it going in and out of your lungs. It is truly up to you and there are about a million ways to practice meditation. You can find guided meditation videos on YouTube or in phone apps if you’re not sure where to start. 
  4. Reading: Read a book! Choose anything that lifts your mood. When reading for self-care, I like to either choose a novel that I can get lost in or a personal development book. Go with what feels good! For added ambiance, diffuse some soothing essential oils while you read.
  5. Bubble Bath: Bubbles not required. This one is my personal favorite! I take at least one bath per week, and sometimes more like three! Baths are so soothing. Add some lavender essential oil and epsom salt for a spa-like escape. I usually like to tackle two self-care items at once and read my favorite book while I am taking a bath.
  6. Tea: Drink some tea! In different areas of the world, tea is a ritual. From the preparation to the actual act of drinking the tea, this can be considered a form of meditation in itself. I like herbal teas the best. My favorite is to combine nettle, red raspberry leaf, and dong quai teas to promote hormonal health and more. I often drink it right before bed while I read or zone out on a favorite TV show (the binge is real sometimes, y’all).
  7. Face Masks: There are so many different options for this one. You can try a store bought treatment or easily make your own with items already in your pantry. There are plenty of recipes that will give you glowing skin and a sense of calm.
  8. Go for a Drive: Simply get in your car, turn on your favorite music or podcast, and cruise around for awhile. Take in some new parts of town that you haven’t seen before or travel along your favorite back road to get some nature views that fill you up. You’ll be able to leave your house while also practicing your social distancing.

8 At-Home Self-Care Ideas to Stay Sane While Social Distancing | Duluth Moms Blog

You can practice any of these self-care ideas at home right now. Try for one per day in order to keep that personal connection that can get lost at a time as crazy as this. You can create a unique routine that fits your life or just reference this list when you start to feel like you could use a break. You will feel SO good once you have a special routine in place and are consistently taking care of yourself.

What’s your favorite self-care ritual? Share with me in the comments!