Do you lack wrapping skills like me? I am TERRIBLE at wrapping, making me more of a gift bag gifter. I also have this thing for greeting cards. I save every single one that I receive, frame some, pull some out for a good laugh on a hard day. I could sit in the card section of a store all afternoon and read every single one for a good laugh.

AdventureUs – crates and filler, cards, stickers and more!

Flora North – Cards and wrapping

Hucklebeary – Emily will help you find the PERFECT card and wrapping for any occasion.

Sarah’s Silks – use a silk to wrap gifts, and then use it for decor or play instead of throwing wrapping away.

White Spruce Market – They do it ALL for you.  Curated gift boxes packaged nicely, a card with a message from you, and they ship it. 

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