13 Subscription Boxes for Every Mom



I have a confession to make. I have tried to beat this and make it go away, but I just can’t. I’m addicted and can’t get enough, and it’s time I come clean. 


I’m obsessed with subscription boxes. 


Not familiar? Subscription boxes are a recurring delivery of items that usually have some type of theme or person in mind they are targeted to. Typically, the subscriber opts in to be charged monthly or quarterly depending on the box and you get a little something special delivered right to your home. Most subscription boxes will send 3-7 items in the shipment and some even allow you the opportunity to customize your curated box. There are subscription boxes for EVERYTHING, from foodies to book lovers to fitness enthusiasts!


Why do I love subscription boxes so much? Because they are the perfect way to #treatyourself! In the age of focusing on self-care and mental health more than ever before, subscription boxes can be a great way to give yourself a little something to look forward to all year long. Who doesn’t like gifts?

By the way, Mother’s Day is right around the corner! I don’t know about you, but every year I can’t think of much to ask for. As moms, let’s be honest. Everyone else’s needs and wants come before ours 365 days a year and on the one day dedicated to celebrating moms, we often are plagued by mom guilt when the thought enters of doing something for OURSELVES and no one else. Subscription boxes can be the perfect solution! Have a general hobby or thing that you enjoy? There’s probably a subscription box for it. It makes it easier than ever to receive a curated gift without having the pressure of deciding what it is. Intrigued? You should be! See the list below for subscription boxes suited for EVERY kind of mom! Let’s dig in.


1. Book of the Month Club 

Perfect for the mom who: is a total bookworm

Cost: $9.99/month your first month, $14.99/month thereafter

Why you’ll love it: Each month, a team of experts select five titles to be featured that you get to choose from in this box for the readers. You can add an additional book, too. Get ready to nerd out!

Book club subscription box duluth

2. TheraBox

Perfect for the mom who: is wellness-minded

Cost: Starts at $30.99/month

Why you’ll love it: It’s carefully curated by therapists and is sure to give you a mental boost with items ranging from aromatherapy to journaling to mindfulness activities. Say ahhhh.


3. FabFitFun

Perfect for the mom who: loves all things trendy

Cost: $49.99/quarter

Why you’ll love it: This box is chock full of full-sized products that include beauty, fitness, decor, and other lifestyle products. The value of the items is typically over $200! Sign me up!


4. Stitch Fix

Perfect for the mom who: is stylish and short on time

Cost: $20 styling fee, only pay for what you keep

Why you’ll love it: Online shopping can be hard, but not with Stitch Fix! Let expert stylists select 5 items for you and then try them on in the comfort of your own home. Keep whatever you love and send the rest packing!

succulent subscription box duluth

5. Succulent Studio

Perfect for the mom who: has a green thumb

Cost: $12/month for 2 plants

Why you’ll love it: Receive 2 unique succulents in each box grown at a second-generation farm in Southern California. These are great for your home, the office, or as gifts! 


6. MinnBox

Perfect for the mom who: wants to support local Minnesota businesses

Cost: $55/month

Why you’ll love it: Show some Minnesota love and you’ll be feeling Minnesota nice! This box is curated monthly with all of your favorite local goods made right here in Minnesota! MinnBox is also based right in Duluth!


7. Duluth Best Breads Treat Box

Perfect for the mom who: wants to treat herself with treats from our very own city

Cost: starts at $30/month

Why you’ll love it: Cookies, cakes, and sweet rolls. Oh my! Pick up your treats at the bakery direct every month or pay $5 for delivery. You are sure to be delighted by these freshly made baked goods! Just make sure to hide them from your kids. 😉

8. Causebox

Perfect for the mom who: wants to support small businesses around the globe

Cost: $54.95/per quarter

Why you’ll love it: With a focus on socially conscious and sustainable products, Causebox delivers high quality lifestyle products. Accessories, decor pieces, gifts, self-care, and more are included!


9. Winc

Perfect for the mom who: prefers to wind down with a glass of wine

Cost: $12.99/month per bottle with membership

Why you’ll love this: This wine subscription offers a selection of locally sourced wines that will help small vineyards around the nation. Vegan and cider options are available,too! Because you deserve a toast, mama!



10. Pura Vida Bracelet Club

Perfect for the mom who: enjoys jewelry made by worldwide artisans

Cost: $14.95/month

Why you’ll love it: Choose between two bracelet packs or leave it as a surprise! Each month you’ll receive 3 bracelets while supporting over 800 artisans around the world. Pura Vida also partners with 200+ charities so you can feel good about your money spent.


11. Birchbox

Perfect for the mom who: is obsessed with skincare and makeup

Cost: starts at $15/month

Why you’ll love it: This box gives you a selection of sample sized items so that you can try and then decide if you love the product enough to buy full size. Get ready to get your pamper on!

12. Driftaway Coffee

Perfect for the mom who: is fueled by coffee

Cost: starts at $17/month

Why you’ll love it: Your subscription begins with an explorer kit of 4 different coffees that you rate and review in order to curate your future boxes specific to your tastes! Sourced sustainably from local farms around the world so you can count on a fresh cuppa every time!


13. Introverts Retreat

Perfect for the mom who: needs alone time to recharge

Cost: starts at $18.99/month

Why you’ll love it: This monthly box caters to the introverts among us. Expect a book and all items cozy and relaxing in this subscription box. Go ahead, shut yourself in your room alone and cancel your plans. The world can wait.

Did you find your perfect subscription box? Let us know which one you try! Are there any subscription boxes you love that we missed?